Wattyl I.D. Advanced: Antibacterial, anti-mould and a wash and stain resistant paint with an ultra-low VOC content

Wattyl I.D. Advanced: Antibacterial, anti-mould and a wash and stain resistant paint with an ultra-low VOC content


Specifying paint that prioritises indoor air quality as a prime consideration in general health and well-being, guarantees premium performance and is manufactured in Australia with longevity in mind is paramount to creating sustainable interiors - something Wattyl knows better than anyone.

The innovative brand specialising in architectural and decorative paints completely transformed the industry in late 2019 by launching Wattyl I.D. Advanced - a unique product with an ultra-low VOC content.

With the ultra-low VOC content at less than 1g per litre, Wattyl I.D. Advanced is ahead of most other paints in Australia, but that’s not all. The innovative paint offers a plethora of attributes that are unmatched by Wattyl’s competitors. Steven Gibson, Wattyl’s National Commercial Manager, explains: ‘The beauty of Wattyl I.D. Advanced is that it’s one of the lowest VOC products on the market and it’s also the only paint to carry both GECA (Good Environment Choice Australia) and APAS (Australian Paint Approval Scheme) accreditation. And, because of the high performance of our product our warranties (if paint is applied correctly) can be up to 50% more than our competitors’.’

Steve adds that Wattyl I.D. Advanced’s hardwearing properties mean that Wattyl’s product will only need two top coats, and can be dry within a couple of hours. ‘That works really well in high traffic applications and situations where people need to occupy the space soon after it's been painted. Our paint means the room can be painted quickly and when you walk into a room, there is virtually no paint smell because of the low VOC,’ says Steven.

It’s easy to see why - and it all comes down to a set of innovative capabilities Wattyl calls Total Protection Technology. Mario Millan, Wattyl’s National Care Manager, explains: ‘Total Protection Technology is the holistic expression of the vital performance attributes of Wattyl I.D. Advanced. It encapsulates low VOC, mould protection, bacteria resistant technology, and also its wash and stain resistance capacity. These elements are all equally important as they amount to our prime, high-performing product.’

Mario goes into a little more detail: ‘While the low VOC and mould resistance elements are well-recognised and familiar, I like to mention Wattyl’s wash and stain resistance which I think is just as essential. If you try cleaning a spot on a wall painted in low quality paint, you can end up with a shiny patch as a result of applied friction as you continue cleaning. With Wattyl I.D. Advanced you don't get that - you can lightly clean it without risking that textural change.’

In the low VOC space, Wattyl I.D. Advanced is the perfect expression of Wattyl’s focus on sustainability. It exceeds the Green Star requirements of the Green Building Council of Australia and its water-based formula is far superior. I.D. Advanced offers incredible longevity credentials and comes with a whopping 15 year warranty. And when it comes to leftover paint, the brand actively promotes the Paintback® program. Devina Glenzendorf, Wattyl’s ANZ Brand Manager, explains what it means: ‘As a founding member of The Paintback program, it’s something we feel very strongly about as it offers the consumer an opportunity to bring back excess paint after it’s been used and that surplus product can then be recycled accordingly.’

Wattyl has its focus firmly set on the constant improvement of their sustainability credentials - and while Wattyl I.D. Advanced is an excellent example of that, the brand has bigger aspirations. Steven Gibson, Wattyl’s National Commercial Manager talks about the sustainability plans for the wider business: ‘Wattyl, a part of Hempel who is owned by the Hempel Foundation, strives to better the environment through our sustainability targets. Currently, we have 100% of renewable power through our store network and we are in the closing stages of completing solar panels on our factories working towards a zero carbon footprint. So for us, sustainability is a core function within our business.’

If the Total Protection of Wattyl I.D. Advanced is anything to go by, there will be more exciting developments to look forward to from Wattyl in the not too distant future.

 Source: https://www.architectureanddesign.com.au

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