"Taking Back" the House. Interior, Coatings and Floors Planium, Metals and Colors

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"Taking Back" the House. Interior, Coatings and Floors Planium, Metals and Colors


Historically, Italians have always given a lot of importance to their home environment, but this concept has been lost especially in the last twenty years, thanks to an increasingly "liquid" society for off-site studies, business trips and the need to live in rent especially the youth years; the long quarantine of Covid-19 brought the country back to its collective memory, making Italians rediscover the value of living in their own domestic space; this logic will contribute to a recovery of the Interior.
With this in mind, a reconsideration of Interior Design is primary: just think even of the chromatic issue that leverages Planium metals. A coating that uses Copper will give value to the warm tones: Russet, Trunk, Mahogany, Sienna, those more discreet colors of red but more iridescent than a classic brown. The choice of personal furniture passes above all from the choice of metal. For those who want to remain on the warm tones, oxidized steel is also suitable for a wall covering, while stainless steel will have an opposite function that will refer a little to the vintage flavor, especially of the 70s, or to the personal inclination of those who want to relive in the interiors the great external architectural projects of our twentieth century. 
Beyond the individual coatings or the choice to go on precious metals also for the floors, the fact remains that these choices can be dictated by the ancient charm of household objects: who among us has never had or seen in ancient houses of relatives umbrella stand, coatings, pots or ashtray in Copper, Bronze, Brass? Why not repeat the "reasons" with coverings or floors? The choice of the dark Calamine, much appreciated by architects in the last decade and - perhaps - more youthful and bohémienne... is less classic and more "modern" and umbratile ...

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