Elegant Art Deco Design in Budapest

Art Deco Budapest Elegant Art Deco Design in Budapest

Elegant Art Deco Design in Budapest


The French style of Art Deco is known for combining modern styled pieces with fine craftsmanship and rich materials, creating a representation of luxury, glamour and exuberance in furniture, jewelry, fashion and more. To transport their clients into the golden age of Art Deco, the Budapest-based firm DD Interior Studio used PullCast hardware pieces supplied by Small Details to embellish this project and give it a timeless appeal, combining geometric shapes, mirrored surfaces and the contrast of black and gold to create different textures and shapes.


The living area was one of the focal points of the project and was designed in a neutral color palette with black and golden accents, to create luxurious contrasts and to match the marble designs on the floor, which seamlessly combine all of these shades. The door into the living room is gracefully adorned with PullCast’s Hendrix Door Pull, a mid-century inspired piece whose golden hue matches the ambience of the room perfectly, while LUXXU’s Empire wall lamps decorate the walls of the living room and the corridors of the home, adding to its extravagant and eye-catching design.


In the hallways, Hendrix Door Pull is matched with a white, almost transparent door, as opposed to the black shades of the one in the living room, showing how versatile this hardware piece can be. With the Art Deco style still very present, the color palette becomes darker as more black and golden furniture is introduced to the design.


The kitchen and dining area are decorated in a colder take on the home’s color scheme, prioritizing white marble and black shades over the warmer hues, which are reserved for accent furniture.

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