Summer Colour Trends: Caught In The Nude

Summer Color Summer Colour Trends: Caught In The Nude The nude

Summer Colour Trends: Caught In The Nude

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Post-Impressionist artist Paul Gaugin was living in isolation in Tahiti when he wrote that colour was the lingua-franca of dreams. Although he only found fame posthumously, his understanding of colour as a secret language of the unconscious has marked the world of art and design ever since.

Colour! What a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams.”

It’s a theory that gains further traction when we consider what hues emerge during times of upheaval. Ever since the beginning of 2020, our digital and print feeds have been dominated by soft nudes — a comforting and restorative counterpoint to the frenzied global Zeitgeist.

It’s a palette that’s not without its controversies. Nude has long been associated with a fleshy peach tone — often at the expense of more diverse skin tones. In interiors, however, we’re talking about not just one colour but a rich symphony of hues ranging from stonewashed oatmeal through to deepest caramel.

The nude alone is well dressed...

One of our favourite ways to think about nude palettes is as a springboard for tactile interiors. Versatile yet welcoming, they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. For an understated luxe look, consider incorporating creamy alabaster coffee tables and marble splashbacks.

Nudes also have a natural affinity with traditionally organic materials such as bamboo, wicker and jute. As we each search for ways to live more sustainably, it makes sense that such a scheme would come back on our radar.

Our enduring affair with all things nude also speaks to a new desire to let materials speak for themselves. One clear example is the woollen Gravel Rug by MENU. Using nature as the starting point, designer Nina Bruun, shunned colour dyeing in favour of natural fibres in tonal hues. The result is a wonderfully cosy modern rug, that promises to add depth and tactility to any interior.

However, it’s not just the Scandinavians who are hard at work rediscovering their roots. The Fence E Nature collection by Cassina is characterized by organic, almost primitive, forms and elements. Each backrest is handwoven using natural willow in an attempt to intimate the palette of Mother Nature.

Seen through these lenses, it becomes clear that nude colour schemes are as much about aesthetics as they are about hope. In sticking to soft earthy hues, they provide a visual exploration of a better, more heartwarming world — free from toxic materials and rooted in craftsmanship.

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