Celebrate Shapes In Interiors

Celebrate Shapes In Interiors

Celebrate Shapes In Interiors


From Geometric Forms and Swirling Lines to the Human Figure, Enhance
your Interior by Incorporating Uniquely Shaped Interior Decor by KOKET

One interior design trend that is currently flowing through the industry is the use of unique shapes to enhance interior designs. Adding a distinctly shaped piece of furniture or lighting to a space is an instant way to add interest. From geometric forms and swirling lines to the human body, KOKET is known for its bold and daring statement designs and a passion for mesmerizing shapes and forms. Pick one shape to carry a theme through or mix different ones together for a more eccentric vibe.


Geometric shapes and forms with defined angles like those found in 
KOKET’s GEM Table LampHYPNOTIC Chandelier, and TAMARA Console are great tools when trying to create bright and modern interiors.


Curving, undulating, swirling lines flow up and around and down drawing the eye of the beholder in and through each detail of the form they create. From the gentle spiral of the 
INTUITION Dining Table and BURLESQUE Console to the rhythmic motion of the RIBBON Dining Table and OBSSEDIA Console, each of these KOKET designs brings show-stopping style.


In aesthetics, the human form in art involves a study and appreciation of the beauty of the human body. Add a piece like 
KOKET’s TABU Cocktail Table to a living room and this conversation starter will surely bring glamour and sexy vibes.

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