HKS is now compatible with the excavator control systems from Leica and Topcon

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HKS is now compatible with the excavator control systems from Leica and Topcon

excavator control systems

There is news from HKS in the field of 2D / 3D / GPS control for excavator control systems. The HKS sensor is now also compatible with the excavator control systems from the renowned manufacturer Topcon and with the additional GateWay Kit to Leica.

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In close cooperation with the two manufacturers, an interface concept was developed that converts the data from the HKS sensor accordingly and prepares it digitally for the control systems. These systems are currently also able to map the rotational movements of the HKS TiltRotator or the HKS RotoBox or the corresponding attachments. Three systems are now supported: MOBA, Leica and Topcon Of course we at HKS are actively working on adding more manufacturers.
excavator control systems
The HKS sensor measures the rotational position (+/- 1 °) of the attachment and then transmits the exact position data of the TiltRotator, XtraTilt or a RotoBox and the respective attachment directly to the excavator's cab. The tilt sensor for swiveling movements of an XtraTilt is already integrated in the manufacturers of excavator control systems. The HKS sensor can easily be retrofitted with or without the HKS GateWay Kit.

Completely new dimensions and working methods are made possible by 2D / 3D / GPS control systems. The inclination and rotation of a spoon or other attachments can be displayed exactly. Together with an HKS TiltRotator, this combination results in great added value for every excavator. Using the 2D / 3D data, it is no longer necessary to stake out the terrain. The fuel consumption is significantly reduced and the excavation is minimized to the actual amount that was specified. Not only does this have an amortizing effect, but also the efficiency of the work on the part of the excavator operator, who can do his work much faster and more precisely without leaving the cab.

"With the GateWay Kit we have created the basis for developing an interface to our HKS sensor for almost all manufacturers of excavator control systems. Most of our customers work with MOBA, Leica or Topcon. But we also want to work with other manufacturers," said Marcel Weisgerber, development engineer at HKS.

"At HKS, we attach great importance to developing products that can be retrofitted and require little or no maintenance," explains Florian Resch, Marketing Manager at HKS. The GateWay Kit can be ordered directly from the factory separately or with an HKS TiltRotator or an HKS RotoBox. The interface is programmed accordingly on the Leica or Topcon control system before delivery. With MOBA, the interface is integrated directly into the excavator control system.

“We are pleased that the HKS sensor is compatible with three leading excavator control system manufacturers. In today's difficult situation in particular, the demand for efficiency and profitability has increased significantly again. It is now important to offer systems that not only pay for themselves on paper, but actually do it within a short period of time ", explains Dirk Struppe, Sales Manager at HKS.

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