Cat M319 and M320 Wheeled Excavators: More power, more speed and less maintenance

Cat M319 Wheeled Excavators

Cat M319 and M320 Wheeled Excavators: More power, more speed and less maintenance

Wheeled Excavators
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Designed for performance and flexibility in use, the new 20-ton Cat M319 with a short tail and Cat M320 offers more slewing torque, a longer wheelbase and longer service intervals.

The two newcomers, developed on the platform of the new generation of Cat mobile excavators, achieve up to 9% more slewing torque and thus shorten the loading cycles even when working on slopes. The extended wheelbase ensures a safe stance and a smooth ride, even when the machine is traveling at up to 30 km / h to the next location. The newly developed electro-hydraulic pilot control and further improvements to the hydraulic system increase the efficiency of the machines, including when used with various Cat attachments. The Cat M319 and Cat M320 take even less time to perform daily maintenance. Longer service and filter change intervals maximize machine availability on site and reduce operating costs.
Wheeled Excavators

With a tail swing radius of only 1.90 meters, the Cat M319 is particularly suitable for tight construction sites, for example in inner-city areas. It continues the successful series of Cat short-tail wheeled excavators - also known as city excavators - in the 19-tonne class. With almost the same performance data as the conventional 18-tonne wheeled excavator from Cat, even without the compromises usual for short-tail excavators.

Power and performance

Both types are powered by the Cat C4.4 engine, which delivers 129 kW (175 hp) for power and productivity and meets the Stage V emissions standard. Standard equipment such as the idle switch with automatic engine speed control, the automatic engine idle shutdown and the demand-controlled electric radiator fan with a new reversible fan function save diesel and urea solution for exhaust gas cleaning. The machines can be operated with biodiesel up to B20 and remain completely unaffected even at high ambient temperatures of up to 50 ˚C. The operating weight of both is between 19 and 21 tons, depending on the equipment.

The new Cat wheeled excavators are equipped with a separate swivel pump that enables quick swiveling and simultaneous work movements independently of one another. With the newly developed hydraulic system, the operator controls his machine even more precisely and saves fuel in the process. The unique heavy duty lifting mode increases the lifting capacity.

The electro-hydraulic pilot control works with electrical signals and does not require any low-pressure hydraulic lines to the control elements. This simplifies the complexity of the system, reduces the amount of oil in circulation, increases the hydraulic efficiency and also enables a controllable response behavior combined with high sensitivity. In addition, the desired functions can be assigned to the control elements more easily without a service technician having to come. The electro-hydraulic pilot control also reduces vibrations and the noise level in the cabin as well as undesirable heat input.

A new level of convenience and overview

For the M319 and M320, larger next-generation cabs are available in the deluxe and premium versions. All control elements are ergonomically arranged in an exemplary manner in front of the driver. This increases comfort and protects your health. The machine can be started in several ways: with a push button, a bluetooth key fob or the unique driver identification function. With the driver identification (ID), each operator can make and save his preferred machine settings. The excavator calls up these settings every time the operator logs in with his ID. The popular joystick steering was taken over from the previous machines, but is now also available in 2nd gear and up to 15 km / h.

Operators can intuitively navigate through the machine functions on the new 240 mm (10 inch) touchscreen with jog dial. Among other things, the interior temperature of the driver's cab can be easily set to the ideal value using the new monitor, so that there is always a comfortable climate.

The fold-up side console on the left simplifies access to the driver's cab of the new mobile excavator. The pendulum axis is locked automatically. The standard rear and side cameras, large windows and narrow cabin pillars allow an optimal view of the entire machine. An optional 360-degree vision system (Bird View) combines the images from several cameras outside the machine and thus provides the operator with an incomparable view of the surroundings. The flatter bonnet has been moved backwards for an undisturbed view to the right-hand side in order to achieve more safety when driving. Impressive and, above all, safe - the super-bright LED illumination of the work area.

Longer service intervals

With the new, more durable filters, the operator saves up to 5% on maintenance parts. The new hydraulic oil filter with non-return valves, which prevent contamination of the oil when changing the filter, offers improved filter performance. A replacement interval of 3000 operating hours is possible thanks to a 50 percent longer service life. The new two-stage fuel filter also optimally protects the injection system and engine from contamination from the diesel circuit.

All points for daily maintenance can be reached quickly and safely from the ground. The M319 and M320 are equipped as standard with an automatic lubrication system for the attachment and swivel system. The lubrication points on the undercarriage have been reduced and centralized. All nozzles for the Zeppelin oil diagnosis are located at floor level so that liquid samples can be easily taken for analysis. The maintenance intervals for the machine and the filter usage times can be conveniently tracked on the touchscreen in the driver's cab. This supports the operator in maintenance planning.

The remote maintenance technologies in the new generation of Cat wheeled excavators can save service technicians on site and ensure that the machine always runs optimally. Remote troubleshooting means that the machine is wirelessly connected to the Zeppelin service department so that errors can be diagnosed quickly without a cable connection to the machine. The Cat Fleet Management enables the management of the locations, operating hours and maintenance schedules of the machine park.

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