Caterpillar updates cold planer portfolio for milling customers

Caterpillar customers portfolio

Caterpillar updates cold planer portfolio for milling customers

Five years ago, Caterpillar brought a fresh line-up of cold planers to the market and have been continuously working on improvements to the product line ever since. The latest product updates to the Cat PM620, PM622, PM820, PM822 and PM825 feature numerous improvements based on customer feedback to ease operation and lower owning and operating costs.

The 470 kW (630 hp) PM620 and PM622 are powered by the well-known Cat C18 engine. The heavier and more powerful PM820, PM822 and PM825 are powered by the same C18 engine with a twin-turbo setup to deliver 597 kW (800.6 hp), up to 27% more power than the PM620 and PM622. The five models meet U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final, EU Stage V and Korea Tier 4 Final emissions standards and are optimized to reduce fuel burn with a high-capacity cooling system that keeps the engine at ideal temperatures for optimal fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

Redesigned lighting options 

New expanded LED lighting enhances nighttime and low-light operation. The new wide-dispersion LED work lights come standard and provide an improved, well-lit work area for ground crew. LED perimeter lights can also be added to further illuminate the rotor chamber, cutting path and work areas around the machine for increased visibility. New entry/exit lighting provides illumination to the ladder and operator platform when the machine is off. The forward-folding canopy option now features dimmable LED strip lights mounted to the underside of the canopy to further improve visibility on the operator platform. When the canopy is lowered, the lights continue to illuminate the intuitive, operator-friendly controls.

Integrated technology and efficient performance

The integrated Cat GRADE with Grade and Slope system takes the guesswork out of producing accurate and repeatable cutting results and includes automated features like obstacle jump and programmable cut transitions to aid in milling precision. Cat cold planers can also be enhanced with full 3D milling operation.

The robust cutting system is designed to withstand the toughest applications and built to last with heavy steel construction and reinforced alloys to resist abrasion. Available in a wide variety of spacings, Cat System K rotors are durable and deliver high-performance with efficient material flow and an excellent cutting pattern. Kicker paddles are reversible for extended life, and the tapered dual retention toolholder design eliminates the need for retaining bolts, pins, or setscrews, reducing replacement time by up to 50%.

A reliable track undercarriage system with well-engineered track geometry provides high tractive effort and better load distribution when milling deep cuts or through hard materials. High-capacity conveyors provide efficient removal of milled material with outstanding discharge control. The belt also reverses for faster clean-up, while magnetic vinyl covers provide quick access to inspect the rollers for wear. Optional dust ventilation and spray bar systems maximize dust removal.

Improved serviceability

Longer lasting conveyor flashing, improved rotor drive access, corded pendant for the rotor turning device, and an added wear shoe for the inboard ski are just a handful of the many improvements included in this product update. Cat milling machines are designed with long maintenance intervals, large service doors, and power hood for walk-in access to critical components and systems. Track pads are easy to replace, while track chains and other undercarriage components are maintenance-free up to 4,000 hours. When time to replace high wear components, Cat dealers provide specialized support with repair kits, convenient parts availability, and service options for both the machine and the engine.

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