Specify Sustainable Building Materials with NBS Chorus

Sustainable Building Materials

Specify Sustainable Building Materials with NBS Chorus


The NSW and federal governments will invest up to $2 billion over 10 years to reduce emissions in New South Wales—making it the most comprehensive, fully-funded plan in Australia.

The production and use of construction materials is responsible for 10 per cent of the state's total annual emissions.

Given the manufacturing of traditional steel, concrete and aluminium produce high levels of carbon dioxide, cutting these levels is a priority in the state government’s plan to reach net-zero emissions by 2050.

And when it comes to innovative technologies NBS Chorus is at the forefront as the industry evolves towards sustainable practices.

Leading architects and designers are specifying low emission building materials using NBS Chorus.

NBS Chorus is a cloud-based specification software that enables architects, designers and specifiers to collaborate and coordinate design projects in real-time. It’s the smarter construction specification software.

NBS Chorus allows specifiers to request verification clauses such as ‘Environmental Performance’, holding manufacturers and contractors accountable for providing low emission product data or low embodied energy practices,” customer support specialist Joe Healey at NBS said.

“Through the integration of NBS Chorus with NBS Source, our online platform where manufacturers can list their products, specifiers can instantly see the embodied energy, country of fabrication or recycled content of any manufacturer’s products in their listings.

“This brings the decision firmly into the hands of the responsible architects, designers and specifiers, and encourages manufacturers to prioritise these products in their research, development and innovation, because they are more likely to be specified,” Healey said.

Digital solutions for sustainable building

The state government Department of Planning, Industry and Environment are working with the building industry to encourage the voluntary use of low emission building materials after setting the goal of net-zero emissions by 2050.

And change is happening now. Stage one of the Net Zero Plan aims to fast-track emissions reduction over the next decade.

This ten-year plan will deliver a 35 per cent emissions reduction in New South Wales by 2030 compared to where the state was in 2005.

Architects, builders and consumers now request bricks that result in net-zero emissions during the manufacturing process. And there is growing local and global demand for low emissions building materials such as "green" cement, steel and alternative products, such as geopolymers.

In a world responding to the climate crisis, NBS Chorus offers a digital solution to the construction sector while helping the industry build better, more efficiently and sustainably.

With low emissions building materials becoming a commercially viable alternative to traditional carbon-intensive materials, scaling up these technologies will play a critical role in getting to net zero, and on track to the 2050 goal, while empowering the sector to innovate.

Click here to find out how NBS Chorus is helping architects, designers and specifiers ensure consistency and accuracy in their specification writing, while driving strong environmental outcomes.

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