18/05/2022 Le Corbusier - Architectural models for the living room

Le Corbusier - Architectural models for the living room

Chisel & Mouse

Chisel & Mouse have teamed up with the Le Corbusier Foundation to create a limited run of handmade miniature replicas of Le Corbusier’s body of architectural work.

Le Corbusier is credited as the most important architect of the modern age, revolutionising the “art of architecture”.

Chisel & Mouse’s Le Corbusier collaboration commences with three iconic buildings; Notre-Dame du Haute, Unite d’Habitation and Villa Savoye.


Notre Dame du Haut is spectacular with a sculptural expressive style. The curved roof is of particular note, it has been described as “peeling up towards the heavens”. Also of note are the irregular walls and the sporadic placement of the windows. Once inside light and sound take centre stage - flooding the chapel and giving visitors a unique religious experience.

The Unite d'Habitation in Marseille is a striking beton-brut concrete brutalist building. Its 18 floors were designed to house 1600 residents in 337 apartments with two shopping streets, a hotel and a roof terrace. Le Corbusier’s revolutionary “vertical garden-town” design formed the basis for five similar sites across Europe. Its significance to the world of architecture was recognised by UNESCO when it added it to its list of World Heritage Sites in 2016.

Le Corbusier’s 20th century modernist masterpiece Villa Savoye was completed in 1929. It is regarded as his finest work and the refinement of his own architectural style. His guiding vision was to create a "machine for living in" and he succeeded. The house is functional yet stylish. With its pilotis, open plan interiors, flat roofed terrace and strips of generous windows - the house represented a revolution in modern living.

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Chisel & Mouse combine modern and traditional techniques to sculpt their models in plaster, detail is added with metal etching. They have a collection of 100+ models from eight+ countries and are continually expanding their collection. 

To make a scale model of a building or cityscape requires dexterity, artistry, a keen eye for detail and patience. At Chisel & Mouse, brothers Robert and Gavin Paisley have been casting and handcrafting exact physical representations of architectural landmarks and cityscapes since 2011. Every piece is a finely balanced sculpture and a remarkably faithful impression of an iconic building or world city. Robert and Gavin strive to communicate and depict works that are aesthetically pleasing, thorough and honest in their presentation.

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