Schneider Electric supports the restoration of Notre Dame

Schneider Electric supports the restoration of Notre Dame

Tech group contributes to the reconstruction of the cathedral with donations in kind, a building energy management system and knowledge transfer

Schneider Electric, one of the leading companies in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, has signed a sponsorship agreement with the public body Rebâtir Notre-Dame, which is responsible for the reconstruction of the World Heritage Site. In it, the tech group undertakes to contribute to the restoration of the cathedral, which was severely damaged by a fire on April 15, 2019, through technical solutions and the transfer of know-how. Work on site will begin in a few months, initially with setting up the energy supply with the support of Schneider Electric. Later, a building management system will control and optimize the energy consumption of the monument.

Schneider Electric is listed with top ratings in terms of ESG by leading rating agencies such as S&P Global and Moody's. For more than a decade, the declared business model has been to help companies in the areas of industry, real estate, data centers and infrastructure to become more successful in the long term. Based on this experience, the tech group will supply the entire equipment for the power supply of Notre Dame: the transformer station, all downstream switch cabinets and switchboards and their components. The agreement also includes a complete building management solution, with all the tools for energy management and power consumption control. Sensors, controllers, communication buses and the associated software also come from Schneider Electric. In addition, the company takes care of the maintenance of the electrical distribution systems, the planning, construction, commissioning and programming of the installed systems as well as the training of the future operators.

Impact Company Schneider Electric

At Schneider Electric, sustainability is firmly anchored in the corporate DNA. For more than 15 years, the company has been making its contribution to an economically and socially acceptable climate change with innovative solutions. In this sense, Schneider Electric sees itself as an impact company that enables its customers and partners to do business successfully in the long term. At the same time, it is also about standing up for values: corporate culture and ecosystem are closely aligned with modern ESG criteria. Schneider Electric was awarded the independent German Sustainability Prize in 2021 and has been voted one of the most sustainable companies in the world by Corporate Knights several times.

About Schneider Electric

At Schneider Electric, we want to enable everyone to make the best use of energy and resources , paving the way for progress and sustainability . We call this Life Is On.

We are your digital partner for sustainability and efficiency.

We promote digital transformation by integrating the world's leading process and energy technologies, by connecting products to the cloud, by control components, and with software and services across the entire life cycle. This is how we enable integrated management for private homes, commercial buildings, data centers, infrastructure and industries.

The deep anchoring in the worldwide local markets makes us a sustainable global company. We are committed to open standards and open, partnership-based ecosystems that identify with our trend-setting task and our values ​​of inclusion and empowerment .

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