Innovative SCHAKO EasyBus system for air quality

Innovative SCHAKO EasyBus system for air quality, energy efficiency and safety at the FeuerTrutz 2023

SCHAKO, experts for ventilation and air conditioning solutions for commercial and public buildings, will be presenting their latest innovations in the field of control and fire protection to the specialist audience at the FeuerTrutz from June 21 to 22, 2023 in Nuremberg.

The SCHAKO EasyBus system is a forward-looking product for controlling and monitoring technical building systems. The system can control and regulate all building technology components via digital or analogue signals.

EasyBus enables needs-based and energy-efficient control of ventilation systems. It optimizes the indoor climate and air quality and helps to reduce energy consumption. The monitoring and control of fire dampers is also an important basic function of the system. SCHAKO EasyBus reduces the installation times during the construction phase and the fire loads in the building. The possible applications are diverse and the system helps to reduce costs.

The system is characterized by high efficiency, simple planning, high operational reliability and simple installation. It only requires one cable for power supply and signal transmission and is a self-sufficient system with the option of communicating with other systems (GLT) via common bus protocols.

The planning of the bus system is very simple, since only two parameters per master have to be taken into account: max. 1000 m line length and max. 128 field modules. The topology of the bus lines can be freely selected, further field modules can be integrated via additional master modules. The topology can be expanded for 230 V and 24 V actuators and sensors. It offers a secure transmission protocol and a high level of immunity to interference.

The use of the SCHAKO EasyBus system contributes to the sustainable operation and increase in value of a building.

An important component of the EasyBus is the smoke detection system SCHAKO RMSII-L: it is characterized by easy cleaning and assembly. The smoke detector does not require a detection chamber for measurement, which has the advantage that deposits only accumulate on the cover plate. These can be easily removed without having to dismantle the RMSII-L. The RMS remains in use during defined maintenance intervals and thus saves considerable costs.

The new SCHAKO EasyBus system was presented to the general public for the first time at the ISH in March 2023 in Frankfurt. at these products in Hall 4A at SCHAKO stand 419 at the FeuerTrutz – international trade fair with congress for preventive fire protection with expert advice. Anyone who has not been to the ISH in Frankfurt now has the opportunity to take a close look

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