Magical Bedrooms with Caoscreo

CaosCreo magical bedrooms

Magical Bedrooms with Caoscreo


A place to take refuge under the covers and fall asleep, but also a place to play, imagine and be happy. Let's find out some ideas to renew the spaces of the little ones with style.

Caoscreo offers a design with clean lines in bright colors, perfect for the very young.

Claude/Claudette are cheerful shelves in painted metal, in two sizes and versions (right and left) and many different colors. White, red, fuchsia, green, orange, lilac, blue, yellow: which one do you choose?



Lampadin@ is composed of 2 painted metal elements, which allow you to move the light source.

The magnetic base that can be placed on the wall to make an applique, or placed on a supporting surface to have a table lamp.


Modulo 72 equips and furnishes every wall of your bedroom.

You can use it to store CDs, DVDs and booklets. For the most creative: choose different color modules or combine two colors in the same form!



In painted metal, Lampadì has a simple design, with vintage lines that adapt to every taste.
Lampadì is pure joy.

Find out all the colors and shapes of Caoscreo.

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