MG01 Magnetic Floor, "The Magnetism" of a Flooring Installation System

magnetic floor

MG01 Magnetic Floor, "The Magnetism" of a Flooring Installation System


How many times have we heard of Green EconomyGreen Growth, Green Architecture or Green Design, or simply of Green to indicate a concept related to ecology and environmental sustainability. The ecological virtuosity of Planium lies in the perspective of having created totally dry laying systems for floors, that is, those that do not require the use of glues, which are harmful and which make the application less fast. MG01 Magnetic Floor is one of the quickest laying systems and in addition to being dry, it also has the characteristic of preserving, if necessary, the existing flooring that does not need to be removed: thus failure to dispose of this will not generate other costs and collateral environmental problems. Perfect for temporary fair booths, as it can be moved in a practical and punctual way, but also for renovations because its overlap with existing floors is of a few millimeters or even it is suitable for new generation buildings due to the absence of adhesives; PL01 Invisible uses a magnetic PVC mat that adheres to the ferritic core contained in the finish. The latter is chosen by the client among a wide range of metals and textures: from the cold steels of the "Silver Collection", to the warm "Charme Collection" of copper and its two alloys, brass and bronze; for those who are more demanding and refined from an aesthetic point of view, the "Eclipse Collection" finishes offer the numerous colors of calamine, steel passivated through hot rolling, or the fascinating burnished finish of electrolytically oxidized steel.

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