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In Design as in Art the plus, the real strength, always lies in the aesthetic value of an object: given that it is supposed to be functional for the technical design studies behind it, it is however necessary that this generates a pleasure at the sight of those who watch it or use it. Geometric abstraction is the perfectibility of forms, the absolute enhancement of these. The rigorous forms are inspired by much of the art of the 20th Century, many abstract artists in painting: Malevič, Kandiskij, Mondrian; but also great storytellers and directors, especially in the Sixties. Geometry rhymes with spirituality, in numerous conceptions of abstractionism. An essential design by Caoscreo is inspired by these shapes that cut and amaze, "putting order" in the environments they embellish, without renouncing a quid of creativity, both these lamp objects such as the "squared" C-Keef and Square Small & Medium, or the two versions of the 2.D MetaBit lamp, which combines technology with essentiality. Like the lamps, so also the bookcases rigorously observe the "severity" of geometry, while accompanied by a touch of creativity, such as the geometric but "unequal" DOiT, present in three different sizes, suitable for walls or for the center of the room, or the modular QBò, essential and built on blocks of squares ...

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