sordo madaleno arquitectos perches 'o pato' villa along mexican coastline

sordo madaleno arquitectos perches 'o pato' villa along mexican coastline

sordo madaleno arquitectos perches 'o pato' villa along mexican coastline

This newly completed O Pato Villa stands within the lush coastal landscape of the Corasol resorts in Mexico‘s Playa del Carmen. The boutique hotel dwelling, part of the Palm Villas Estate Homes collection, has been thoughtfully brought to life through a partnership between Mexico City-based firms Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos, responsible for the architectural execution, and interior design studio Cuaik CDS. Rooted in a modular grid structure, O Pato Villa embraces flexibility while encouraging artistic interventions that breathe life into its spaces.

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nature weaves into design-minded interiors


The architects at Sordo Madaleno shape the O Pato Villa as a canvas to be integrated with art pieces as design elements. These art installations, curated by the team at Cuaik CDS to harmonize with the surroundings, contribute to a sophisticated atmosphere. Meanwhile, the use of apparent materials lends a sense of warmth to the interior spaces. This approach aligns with the tropical and neutral tones that are naturally endowed by the coastal context. As a result, the villa effortlessly weaves natural elements with the deliberate design choices.

o pato sordo madaleno



bespoke furniture pieces by cuaik CDS


The interior spaces of Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos’ O Pato Villa are occupied by carefully selected collection of furniture. Notably, the Alma chair, the Estepa II chair designed for outdoor dining, and the sofa in the main bedroom are standouts among the meticulously curated pieces. These bespoke furnishings are the creation of Piztola, the sibling furniture brand under the umbrella of Cuaik CDS. Crafted with unparalleled care and attention, these pieces are solely created for this villa, adding an air of exclusivity and individuality to the space.

o pato sordo madaleno the villa takes shape with natural and apparent materials o pato sordo madaleno interiors are furnished with bespoke pieces by Piztola, the sibling brand of Cuaik CDSo pato sordo madaleno semi enclosed interiors lend breezy spaces which weave nature with design elementssordo madaleno arquitectos perches 'o pato' villa along mexican coastline neutral, earth-toned palettes emphasize a connection with naturesordo madaleno arquitectos perches 'o pato' villa along mexican coastlinefloor-to-ceiling windows open broadly onto the lush surrounding landscape


project info:


project title: O Pato Villa

architecture: Sordo Madaleno | @sordo_madaleno

interior design: Cuaik CDS @cuaik_cds

location: Corasol, Playa del Carmen, Mexico | @corasolmx

photography: © Albers Studio | @alberstudio

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