Interior Design Trends for 2022

Interior Design Trends for 2022

Interior Design Trends for 2022

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Predicting the interior design trends for the coming year is one of our favourite tasks. We love discovering the latest styles you can incorporate in your next project from large scale renovations to budget-friendly smaller updates.

2022 is all about timeless style, with throwbacks to the 70s, classic looks and natural touches that will all go the distance for years to come. This gives you the perfect opportunity to create a beautifully stylish home that will remain on-trend.

Some of the interior design trends of 2021 are sure to continue into 2022 such as bringing the indoors outside, plenty of plants and light flooring, but the coming year will see softer edges, lots of texture and plenty of quirky ideas.

We hope our guide to the top 2022 home decor and interior design trends will inspire you to create the home your love.

Colour Interior Design Trends for 2022


Green is such a wonderful design colour, as it brings a real freshness to any room. There are so many different looks you can achieve, from delicate pastel with soft mint green, bright and bold styling with rich emerald green or go for luxurious opulence with dark sultry forest green. And if you want just a splash of green, try plants and soft furnishings to make your family and friends green with envy.

Black accents
Building on the neutral trend for 2022, black accents really pop against soft greys, beiges and whites. There are so many black accents to choose from, whether you opt for a kitchen splashback, mirrors, bathroom fittings or even black doors. Be mindful when considering black fabrics for your home as some of them will show every speck of dust!

Light floors
Light floors can help to bounce light across the room, allowing natural light to shine brightly and making the room appear larger. A lighter floor choice can help you achieve a more minimalistic look, which you can complement with soft textures and furnishings or add a pop of colour with bright artwork and accessories. A light floor can also look fantastic against dark walls, an effect you can even try in smaller rooms for a cosy sanctuary-like feel.

Interior Design Styles for 2022


You might not think Japan and Scandinavia have much in common, but when it comes to design, each aesthetic focuses on comfort, natural elements and simplicity. This has given rise to the term "Japandi" combining Scandinavian functionality and Japanese rustic minimalism, a blend of function and form. Think clean lines, bright spaces, and light colours, and take a less-is-more approach featuring organic and natural décor to create a beautiful calming aesthetic.

70s retro style

The laidback 70s has been inspiring interior design choices for a while now, with rattan, hanging chairs, macramé and Terrazzo creeping back into modern homes. For 2022, think groovy nostalgia with open plan living, bright exuberant colours, technicolour highlights and geometric shapes. And if you want orange walls and a shag carpet, go for it!

Polka dots

Polka dots in interior design may not be a brand new trend, but you’ll definitely spot (pun intended) this funky retro print in homes and on the fashion runways in 2022. The iconic polka dot is a style that isn’t just for children, polka dots can add a lot of youthfulness and happiness to your home with their fun optical effect. Polka dots are all about making a statement that can become a great focal point for any interior space, whether you go full-on floor or wall, or add splashes of spots with bedding, decals or artwork.

Multifunctional spaces
With many people having to combine their home with work during lockdown, an important trend for 2022 is developing multi-functional spaces. Interior design will see a shift away from single-use spaces and focus on nifty ideas to make the most out of the space in each room. Think clever and practical solutions - if you don’t have the luxury of a separate office, so a pull-down or stowaway desk is a great option. You can section off a larger room with a moveable partition for versatility, or use alcoves as storage or seating.

Home offices

Lockdown has seen an increase in people working from home and a move from the initial makeshift workstation on the dining table to trying to establish a dedicated space with peace and quiet. This can be tricky if you’re short on space, so we’ve written a handy checklist that will help you try and find a corner that will work for you.


Ideally, you need a quiet area to work in, but if you can’t spare a whole room, try a foldaway desk that so you can shut off the office vibe at the end of the day.

Try and stay clutter-free to help minimise the space you need, and make sure any monitors, keyboards and chairs are set up correctly for perfect posture.

If you need storage for equipment, choose items that complement or contrast with your existing décor to make a statement.

Shades like soft blues, greens, and neutrals will create a calming effect, or go bold and bright to energise your mood.

Floor patterns

Let the shapes do the talking! Geometric patterned floors are one of the hottest trends of 2022, taking flooring to the next level. Embrace the natural look with herringbone planks to draw the eye with a timeless style, or go vintage chic with a beautiful parquet floor. To really elevate the look, keep walls to a neutral colour scheme to let the flooring shine.

Furniture and Accessories for 2022

Soft edges

The curvy furniture design trend is also another heirloom making a comeback. Furniture with softer edges can give a lovely soft feel to a room, in contrast to the usual sharp angles of traditional tables and chairs. Style your room with sumptuous C-shape sofas, round tables and curved chairs to snuggle in, to bring lightness and style into any room. A softer edge will work wonders to create a fresh and natural look


Bring a splash of greenery with some fresh foliage. Indoor plants have been shown in studies to improve concentration, creativity, mood, and productivity, as well as to reduce colds, fatigue, and stress. As if that weren't enough, they also absorb toxins, produce oxygen, and add a lovely splash of colour. Remember to research each type of plant to see how often it needs watering and where it will be happiest. And if you aren’t green-fingered, there are so many realistic artificial plants out there to choose from.


A huge trend for 2022 is more glass in the home. Large scale projects like skylights and oversized windows will help introduce more natural light into your surroundings. Smaller glass-related fixes include light fittings, fishbowls filled with fairy lights, and ornaments to reflect the light.

Exterior Design Trends for 2022

Garden walls

We always like to sneak an exterior-design trend in each year, and our prediction is that garden walls will be big news for 2022. We’ve already seen a few customer projects with revamped garden walls to introduce more light, make a feature or hide unsightly tree roots. Tiles make the perfect choice for a project like this, as they are durable, easy to maintain and are available in a huge range of styles and shades.

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