San Diego Home Remodelers Introduces the Future of Interior Design

San Diego Home Remodelers

San Diego Home Remodelers Introduces the Future of Interior Design

San Diego Home Remodelers goes against all odds created by the COVID-19 pandemic and brings the future of interior design to the local residences.

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The San Diego California-located home remodeling company stepped forward to announce that all changes brought about by the pandemic have been used in a creative way to plan a better future within homes.

While many businesses ceased operations due to the coronavirus, the interior design and home remodeling industries adapted to the current situations. Quarantines, lock-downs, and social distancing have brought a surge of changes in the private sphere, we all call home. Although homes have always stood as a symbol of privacy, the place where people should feel safe and cozy, the pandemic enhanced this feeling.

“We are talking about the new normal,” said Sylvia Maney, the head director at San Diego Home Remodelers. “During the pandemic many people were rendered unemployed, many businesses closed their doors, and the restrictions in all forms – social distancing, lockdown, quarantine, affected everyone's life. In such circumstances, we were suddenly faced with some facts. First, most people spend more time indoors than outdoors. Second, many people work in the home now. Due to the financial difficulties created during the pandemic, added to an already struggling environment due to the prior global economic crisis, construction fell behind. Most people don't buy homes, but remodel. This scenery has created a new day in the world of interior design.”

Although still here, the pandemic has already left its mark in the interior design industry and the work of any home remodeling contractor. It all has to do with the way we view our domiciles and our current needs. It's not only about creating sanctuaries but also functional spaces, where we can work and share more moments – as a family, as ever before. There's often a need for multifunctional spaces and sooth interiors, which will bring tranquility and not tension.

“As a home remodel team, we have noticed an increased demand for facelifts. Even if some people buy new homes, most of them are not truly new but old houses, which need some renovation. What's also important to mention is that people need more than a beautiful living room and kitchen renovation or bathroom remodeling. They need corners. A home office. An area for their children. That's the new normal, which has shaped the future of interior design and our business. Our focus now is functionality and flexibility – finding ways to fit all activity areas within a limited space without creating chaos. Quite the contrary, by creating order with the use of natural materials, neutral colors, proper lighting.”

Sylvia Maney explained the importance of functional kitchens with more storage space since the current situations require groceries for long durations. Also, special focus on the mudroom or entrance where the members of the family would need to store shoes and get their hands sanitized before they walk inside the home. Or, even the creation of home gyms, which can be properly aired, since people need to work out in the home.

“The focus of home remodeling has changed – or, reshaped, if you will. And the answer of the future interior design to the pandemic situation is home functionality. Spaces, hardly used, or even the garage are all repurposed to create areas where all members of the family would feel comfortable or find their corner either to work or relax.”

The proverb, necessity is the mother of invention, says it all. The 2022 interior design trends are clearly affected by the ups-and-downs the pandemic brought to our lives and the focus of home remodeling contractors is on making interiors comfortable and multifunctional, apart from aesthetically beautiful – it's about prioritizing the important.

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