Well-prepared to Build an Intelligent World

Well-prepared to Build an Intelligent World

Innodisk AIoT Solutions Target EV and Smart City

Innodisk, a leading global provider of industrial flash and memory solutions, reflects on its AIoT wins of last year and outlook for 2022. Even now, in 2022, AIoT is still a buzz that’s impossible for business leaders to ignore however many are still not exactly sure how the pieces of the AIoT puzzle fit together or where to start. But the business proposition is clear, with 39.1% annual growth expected over the next five years. To seize the opportunities in the AIoT market, in 2021, Innodisk joined up with its subsidiaries to form an AIoT data-centric ecosystem called the “AIoT All-Round Service” that combines their expertise to provide a full-service industrial AIoT package.

After a year, Innodisk’s recent experience confirms this market trend, with AIoT-related projects doubling each year. A deeper look reveals the primary focus lies in 5G, networking, infrastructure, and automation fields.

Especially with the high-performance industrial-grade storage, memory, and embedded peripherals, as well as software, Innodisk is now going one step further, integrating these into AIoT technology solutions that withstand heavy vibrations and harsh outdoor environments, such as AI robots and electric vehicles.

AI robots have secured their place as the hands-free delivery method of choice in hotels, hospitals, and airports during the pandemic. These electronic helpers meet contact and social distancing prerogatives while reducing personnel workloads. Innodisk worked together with a hi-technology venture in the smart services sectors to integrate its customized SSDs into their AI robots, ensuring reliable operation.

Electric vehicles place a large strain on electronics, with vibrations and heat exceeding the thresholds of standard equipment. A multinational technology company used Innodisk’s wide temperature DRAM modules, industrial-grade flash storage, and its subsidiary Antzer’s GPS Tracker for their EV truck. As a result, their retail delivery system benefited from the AI technology while reducing pollutant and noise emissions.

Eric Chang, Special Assistant of Innodisk, said, “We’re confident that the increase in AIoT applications will continue thriving through 2022, especially for electric vehicles and smart city applications.” He further added, “Electric vehicles like buses, trucks, logistics, and fleet management will all see growth. Smart cities are also in focus as more countries invest in technology construction to harness AIoT and smart cities, including intelligent street lamps and surveillance systems.” Innodisk is well-prepared for these technological advancements and has set a goal to “Build an Intelligent World”.

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