Statement kitchen splashback ideas

Statement kitchen splashback ideas


Not only is your kitchen splashback a functional element of your design, but it’s also a great way to add style, colour, texture and pattern to the space. Elliott Fairlie, product manager for kitchens at Bushboard, outlines five different statement splashback ideas to inject personality into your kitchen:

1. Wood
“Wood is a popular finish used in kitchen design, but usually you’ll find it included through worktops or furniture. Wood-finish splashbacks are great option for anyone who wants to add texture and interest to their kitchen in a subtle but intriguing way.

“When incorporating this look into your kitchen, I would recommend opting for a wood-effect aluminium splashback, such as those in our Alloy range, as they’re fire safe and waterproof, meaning there is no need to protect it with an expensive glass cover.

“The options for wood-effect splashbacks are vast, with something to suit all tastes. Those who love the look of a deep oak could opt for a Viking Oak splashback, and complement it with a matching display shelf for crockery and kitchen utensils, oak cabinetry and a slate-effect work surface.

“The fluted effect is a growing trend in home and interiors, and pairs beautifully with neutrals and black. It can create a gorgeous point of interest, without overpowering the room. Opting for a fluted-effect splashback means you can use it across your whole kitchen, even behind the hob.

“If you’re looking for something a little bit extra, why not opt for a wood finish that boasts an additional design? Our Heritage Walnut splashback has a subtle yet opulent geometric design that shines when paired with gold accents and deep colours such as navy.

2. Colour Pop
“Adding a pop of colour to your kitchen can be an easy way to take your design to the next level. Homeowners can sometimes be hesitant to add colour to their design as they worry they will tire of it quickly, but by opting for a muted, toned-down shade can help with this. I’d recommend picking a colour that appears in nature, such as blue, green, or dusk pink, as they’ll offer a calming feel to the space without overpowering it.

“If you a lover of colour, but like to switch things up, opting for a splashback instead of tiles is the perfect solution. Alloy splashbacks can be applied directly to the pre-existing surface, without the need for any preparation. This means they can be easily swapped out if you grow bored of your pre-existing design or colour. They can also be placed on top of tiles, offering a quick, affordable option for those wanting to refresh their kitchen.

3. Pattern
“Pattern splashbacks create a real statement in the kitchen and can be incorporated in a variety of different ways, depending on the desired look. Options vary from colourful, tile-effect options to more neutral, subtle finishes.

“Our Emerald Scallop splashback works beautifully as an accent behind the hob, and incorporates those gorgeous green hues that are hugely popular at the moment. Opting for a splashback like this means you can play into colour trends whilst having a more neutral cabinet design.

“If you like the look of tiles, but don’t want to deal with upkeep of them, choosing a splashback like Modern Victoria can help you achieve your desired look. This design can be used as a splashback highlight, or across the entire kitchen to introduce pattern and achieve that mosaic-style finish.

4. Metal
“Practical yet elegant, metal-finish splashbacks add texture and interest to a kitchen. Steel finishes are a popular choice for anyone looking to achieve an industrial feel, and look great when paired with cool-tone cabinets such as blues, greens and greys.

“If you’re looking for a metallic finish, but still want to add pattern into your space, then a design like Urban Steel would be perfect for you. Designed to replicate weathered steel, it has a mottled effect with grey and brown hues. A subtle geometric pattern also comes through in areas, adding something a little bit different to your standard steel-finish splashback.

5. Marble
“Classic and elegant, marble is one of the most sought-after finishes in kitchen design. It exudes luxury through its timeless aesthetic, pairing well with both traditional and modern kitchens.

“Solid marble is an expensive material, and can increase the cost of a renovation dramatically, especially when used around the entire perimeter of the kitchen. By opting for a marble-finish splashback instead of solid marble, you can reduce costs considerably, whilst still achieving your desired look.

“Dark veined marbles are incredibly popular at the moment for those looking to move away from the norm. Using clean lines and simple hardware can really make the veining pop, and let it be the focal point of the kitchen.
“If you prefer a lighter veining effect, but are still looking for something a little different, choosing something like Carrara Marble in a herringbone effect will help you achieve that luxurious finish whilst adding pattern and texture in a subtle and chic way.”

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