Second Sydney cruise terminal construction tender issued

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Second Sydney cruise terminal construction tender issued

This is an aerial view of what the Sydney cruise terminal could look like once the second ship berth is constructed. The tender for the construction was made public Friday.
This is an aerial view of what the Sydney cruise terminal could look like once the second ship berth is constructed. The tender for the construction was made public Friday. - Submitted

Second cruise ship berth expected to be ready by spring 2019

SYDNEY, N.S. — The tender for construction of a second cruise ship berth for Sydney harbour has been published, and it is to be built at the site immediately to the north of the current terminal.

The 483-page document was published on the Nova Scotia government procurement website Friday morning. It had been expected to be posted earlier in the week.

The site referred to in the document as the location for the second berth is land currently owned by North Sydney businessman Jerry Nickerson, the former Sydney Engineering and Dry Dock property. The Cape Breton Regional Municipality (CBRM) has been in negotiations with Nickerson for the land — they have reportedly budgeted $2 million while one report indicated Nickerson wanted $6 million. The CBRM has signalled its intention to proceed with expropriation should it be unable to reach an agreement with Nickerson.

Council has passed a motion to negotiate with Nickerson for the land and to proceed with expropriation if necessary.

The tender states that the main contract work is to “complete Substantial Performance of the main Contract Work by November 30, 2019 assuming the award of contract is no later than May 31, 2018.”

After consulting with director of public works Wayne MacDonald, Christina Lamey, a spokesperson for the mayor’s office, clarified that a project is considered to be substantially complete when it reached the point where warranty would begin, holdbacks are released, engineers have signed off on the work, the takeover is complete. It doesn’t mean that the structure wouldn’t be operational prior to that, she said.

Normal port operations are to continue during the entire construction period, the tender states. The successful bidder will also have to work with marine terminal personnel and port users in scheduling operations to minimize conflict.

A CBRM spokesperson said this week the land issue will be dealt with before the contract is awarded. Deputy Mayor Eldon MacDonald said it’s his understanding the intention is to have the berth in service in spring 2019.

The federal, provincial and municipal governments are equally funding the $20-million project, with the CBRM responsible for any possible cost overruns.

Among the work that is outlined in the tender is harbour dredging. The dredged material is to be disposed of at the existing confined disposal facility located on the west shore of the south arm of Sydney harbour, which was used during the large-scale Sydney harbour dredge several years ago.

It also outlines marine construction activities including advancement of a borehole to confirm geotechnical conditions, removal and disposal of decommissioned submarine cables, construction of the main dock consisting of four breasting dolphins constructed with rock-socketed steel pipe piles and reinforced concrete caps supporting precast concrete girders and reinforced concrete deck.

As well, two mooring dolphins will be constructed, located north of the main dock, with rock-socketed steel pipe piles and reinforced concrete caps supporting structural steel catwalk systems to the main dock.

There will also be a land-based mooring built, located south of the second marine berth.

A site meeting will be held on March 1 at 10 a.m. at the project site, which is listed as 12 Esplanade in Sydney, where questions will be able to be asked and the description of the work may be discussed.

The new wharf will be about 200 metres long and 20 metres wide.

Included in the tender documents is a geotechnical report prepared by Stantec.

It noted that two mooring dolphins for securing vessels at the dock will be constructed along the alignment of the new wharf.

It notes that the property had been previously developed with buildings and infrastructure for industrial marine repair and metal fabrication.

“No historical geotechnical information pertinent to the original site development is

available, but from previous environmental assessments of the site completed by others and the findings of this investigation, the western parts of this area is inferred to have been an infilled area of Sydney Harbour,” the report states.

It also notes that remnants of an old timber wharf structure are visible near shore and close to the southeastern end of the new wharf structure.

“As previously noted, remnants of marine infrastructure associated with past site use may also be encountered during dredging including armour stone and possible debris materials such as timber, steel, etc.” the report states. “Such conditions may create problematic conditions during piling and the piling contractor should be appropriately prepared to address these conditions, if encountered.”

Hard copies of the tender will be available at the Civic Centre in Sydney on Monday at a cost of $100. The tender's closing date is March 29.

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