Law center construction underway

law center Law center construction underway

Law center construction underway 

Law center construction underway

CLINTON — Clinton County officials continue to look at ways to decrease an overage in the cost of construction of the new law center facility. Clinton County voters in May 2016 approved a $22 million bond referendum for construction of a new law center. The law center will include a new jail, sheriff’s office, 911 communications center and Emergency Management office. The passage authorized the county to issue general obligation bonds not to exceed $22 million to pay for designing, constructing, equipping and furnishing the jail, sheriff’s office, 911 communications center and Emergency Management Agency office and demolition of the existing facility.

The Samuels Group serves as the construction manager for the construction of the facility. Samuels Group President and Owner Sid Samuels said the total cost for the project came in at $25.48 million. The total cost includes construction bids, furniture and all necessary aspects of the new facility. The cost after credits for the project are accounted for was $24.1 million. Samuels stated one reason the project came in over budget was the marketplace. Clinton County Supervisor Dan Srp said the county made additions to the project for security and future savings. The project team made a decision to proceed with an elevated control station for the jail.

The control station allows the county to have a true sign and sound barrier between the cells. He said the elevated control station helps ensure the safety and security of personnel and inmates at the facility. Srp also stated the county took a long-term approach in adjusting plans for adding additional bed space at the law center. The county, prior to the referendum, discussed having expansion potential area on the first floor, which Srp said will lead to future cost savings for the county. The county during work sessions discussed options for covering the law center cost overage. Supervisors Board Chairman Shawn Hamerlinck presented multiple options for the board to consider. One option presented was to use funds from the general fund balance, which as of late November sat at approximately $4.79 million. The county could also decrease its mental health levy and apply the funds from the decreased levy to the overrun.

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