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Garden Room Ideas | Customer Projects

Garden rooms have been one of the most popular home improvement trends of 2020, and that trend is set to continue into 2021!

Images Above | Left: Green Retreats 'Inspiration' 4.5m x 3m starting from £18,745, Right: Green Retreats 'Expression' 7m x 4m starting from £28,245

During the pandemic, homeowners have been exploring new ways to make extra space at home - as well as making their homes a more enjoyable place to be. Adding a garden room is a simple and cost-effective way to achieve both!


Check out these amazing real customer garden room projects from Green Retreats for some incredible garden room ideas:

1. Year-Round-Summerhouse


Your garden needn't be reserved for use in summer! With a fully insulated garden room from Green Retreats, you can make the most of your garden all-year-round. Constructed using the same methods and materials used in modern house building, a Green Retreats garden room as a summerhouse alternative is as comfortable as a room inside your home no matter what the weather outside. Heating is included too!

Image Above | The Garden Office 'TGO4' 5m x 3m starting from £22,245

2. Garden Pod


A garden pod is typically a small garden building that's cleverly furnished to make the most of compact space. The modern and simplistic scandi-inspired exterior styling of the Green Retreats garden buildings make for a clean and contemporary garden pod design. Perfect as a secret retreat from home to tuck away at the end of the garden.

Image Above | Green Retreats 'Edge' 3.5m x 5m starting from £22,745

3. Garden Office


Garden offices have been the hero garden room use during the pandemic. With most of the country encouraged to work from home, making space to focus on work and create a work-life balance seemed an impossible task. A garden room offered a solution to both! Creating space away from the distractions of home, as well as being able to close the door at the end of the day to properly switch off.

Image Above | The Garden Office 'TGO3' 3m x 5m starting from £21,245

4. Garden Bar

With nowhere to drive to and pubs and restaurants closing, another popular home improvement this year has been the home bar or garden bar. Green Retreats' customers have created some incredible garden room transformations, creating garden pubs and even a 'gin palace'!
"The idea of having a garden outbuilding as separate entertaining/relaxing space grew on me. Also, the fact that we work from home means that we could feel like we are in another space, a place to escape." - Allan
Image Above | Green Retreats 'Edge' 5m x 5m starting from £26,745

5. Make space for fun!

Staying at home more has meant getting creative with ways to keep entertained. Garden rooms have allowed people to create spaces at home that they've always dreamt of! Games rooms, cinemas, man caves and she-sheds have been some of the most exciting garden room transformations of the past year. Whether they're adults only or fun for all the family, making space to have fun at home has never been more relevant.


Image Above | Green Retreats 'Pinnacle' 5.5m x 5m starting from £29,295

6. Double up with storage

Not only are garden rooms a unique and modern way to add extra space at home, but they're also incredibly practical too.

Green Retreats offer the option to double-up on the use of their buildings with the addition of a subtle storage section. The buildings are fully insulated and secured with insurance grade locking, unlike a typical garden shed, meaning your belongings will be safe.

Image Above | Green Retreats 'Inspiration' 4.5m x 3m starting from £18,745

7. Panoramic views with bi-fold doors

If you've got gorgeous garden views then make the most of them! Green Retreats have optional upgrades to large glazed sliding, French or bi-fold doors - offering panoramic views of your garden for you to enjoy the beauty of the changing seasons.

Image Above | Green Retreats 'Inspiration' 5m x 3m starting from £19,745

Choosing a UK Garden Room Company


With the growing popularity of garden rooms, especially over the past year, there are a lot of suppliers to choose from.

Green Retreats have been the UKs trusted garden room company since 2005, with modern showrooms in Buckinghamshire and Twickenham, unparalleled customer service, a 5* Trustpilot rating and an enviable environmental policy. Green Retreats have also recently been backed by architecture guru Kevin McCloud!

Key Facts and Prices:


Green Retreats garden room prices start at £14,745 for a complete and installed solution. That means prices include VAT, professional installation, base/foundations, 2.3m French or sliding doors, opening window, oak laminate flooring, internal wiring, 3 double plug sockets, lighting, heating, premium-grade insulation, delivery within 100 miles of their factory... and much more! 


- Designed and built in the UK

- Fully professionally installed as standard

- 10-year guarantee

- Eco-friendly

- Insulated, weatherproofed and heated for year-round-use

- Planning permission rarely required (as easy to add as a garden shed!)



Managing Director, Roy Wetherall, is available for commentary on garden rooms.


Please contact:

Vari Wilson

Assistant Marketing Manager | Green Retreats

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