Detours Around Tunnel Construction Confusing Drivers

confusing drivers construction detours tunnel

Detours Around Tunnel Construction Confusing Drivers

POCONO TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Detours around a construction project in the Poconos are causing confusion for drivers.

Crews started work on the "Stites Tunnel" bridge replacement on Route 191 in Pocono Township, but the new traffic patterns are catching some drivers off guard.

Confusion and, at times, blatant disregard for posted road closed signs are just some of what Newswatch 16 found while checking out the new detours around the Stites Tunnel Bridge construction project in Pocono Township.

"I'm retired and have time, so I am just going to learn the detour," said Joe Memoly of Price Township.

There are two marked detours that will be in place through this year. One is for vehicle traffic; the other is for truck traffic.

Instead of continuing through the tunnel, drivers will use Route 715 and Cherry Lane Road. It took us about 10 minutes to get around the entire detour.

"Just follow the signs. Don't believe your GPS. Don't believe your Google, iPhone," advised David Daniels of Henryville.

Drivers we spoke to say they are getting confused where they see two detour signs. A lot of them are passing the car detour and taking the truck detour which is much longer.

"This is going to be a big pain in the butt," said Jacob Hattem.

The truck detour goes through Canadensis and back down to Route 191.

Jacob Hattem lives in Bushkill and almost ended up taking the truck detour on his way to work.

"I just figured it was a basic construction detour and that I could still get through here. It didn't say 'bridge under construction' or anything. It just said, 'car detour' so I was just going to come down and hit my little spot over there and turn around go about my day."

PennDOT says this multi-million-dollar road project is expected to be complete in December.

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