Desser & Co Collaborate with Dawn Ward to Provide Stepping Hill Hospital a New Outdoor Garden Area

Dawn Ward Desser & Co New Outdoor Garden Area Stepping Hill Hospital

Desser & Co Collaborate with Dawn Ward to Provide Stepping Hill Hospital a New Outdoor Garden Area

Desser and Co

The nhs staff now have a gorgeous outdoor space to relax on their busy shifts

[Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport. June 2020] - A Manchester based business has recently collaborated with Dawn Ward of the TV show The Cheshire Housewives to bring together an outdoor space for the NHS staff working hard at Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport.


Like most hospitals across the UK the staff have been working hard to combat the spread of COVID-19, so the new outdoor space, kitted out with luxury furniture from Desser has been welcomed among staff.


With the aim to create a relaxing area for the staff to take some time out during their busy day, Dawn and her interior design company [Arista Design] created a relaxing and welcoming space with outdoor furniture donated by Desser and Co, which completely transformed the blank and boring patio into a relaxing haven.


It was originally Claire Bikley, Area Support Co-ordinator at Stepping Hill Hospital's idea to contact Dawn:


"The idea came to me at the end of March just when our services in the Emergency Department were beginning to prepare for Covid19. We had just come out of an incredibly hard winter and now, we along with the world were facing the unknown.


I was simply blown away at the resilience of my colleagues and wanted to make a difference, that’s when I sent a plea to Dawn Ward, after watching her recent work I saw how she brought many elements of the outside into a property and was eager to see if she could offer any advice on how logistically I could do this for the staff here.


The furniture Desser have donated is simply beautiful, to watch the staff use this area is amazing, they sit down and forget just briefly for 30 minutes, forget the pressures they have just faced, chat to colleagues and just recharge."


Mark Stewart,  the sales manager at Desser has said:


“This was our way of repaying something back to the NHS community for all the hard work they have provided during these difficult and unprecedent times.  If we can give some comfort back to them during their breaks or down time then it’s a small token of our appreciation”


Desser and Co is a furniture company based in Manchester. Now celebrating their 101st year in business, they have extended their product range to carry luxury outdoor furniture. Originally starting off selling just rattan and cane furniture, the business has grown to employ more than 50 staff at their Manchester based factory and office. They pride themselves on providing high quality furniture for inside and outside the home, and continues as a family run business.




For more information please contact Hana Orford at

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