Construction wages rise as worker shortage grows

construction wages Construction wages rise as worker shortage grows worker shortage

Construction wages rise as worker shortage grows

Construction wages rise as worker shortage grows

After closing down during the last recession, the Tucson Carpenters Union Training Center is now back open.

"We need qualified people and the qualified people aren't there," said Kellogg.

Like the rest of the nation Tucson is in middle of a construction worker shortage.

According to a recent survey by The Associated General Contractors of America, 70% of construction firms are having a hard time finding workers.

The problem is even worse in Arizona where 75% of employers reported having problems.

"We need to get more young people. I think it's a great avenue for a young person that's maybe not interested in going to college or school. This is a great career with great benefits and retirement down the road."" said foreman Jorge Luis Pereyda.

Employers have tried raising wages to entice new applicants. 

Kellogg says wages have nearly doubled.

"Non-union, union, it used to be 12-13 dollars and now the guys are up to $22," said Kellogg.

Union officials hope the re-opening of the training center will provide employers with more skilled workers.

Already the number of apprentices has gone from 20 to more than 100.

"We have a bunch of jobs, Tucson is growing a lot and there is a lot of big opportunities for young people," said Fabien Sandez with Local 1912.

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