DrawInspector.com Launches First Draw Inspection Certification for Construction Draw Inspectors, Lender Professionals

DrawInspector.com Launches First Draw Inspection Certification for Construction Draw Inspectors, Lender Professionals

DALLAS, May 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Drawinspector.com®, a nationwide provider of construction lending e-training, education, and certification, announces the immediate availability of a comprehensive online curriculum, designed to train, test, and certify draw inspectors and lender professionals. Created as "open source" courses, Drawinspector.com grants universal access to anyone seeking to learn more about draw inspections and the construction lending industry.

Developed in partnership with Trinity Real Estate Solutions® and their nearly 19 years of draw inspection and industry expertise, Drawinspector.com's inaugural course was originally preannounced in 2021 to a select community of 300 professionals, and it received extremely high marks and satisfaction. Today, the e-learning site features two comprehensive draw inspection courses, each offering individual certifications: Certified Draw Inspection Professional® and Draw Inspection Professional®. In the coming year, the education platform will expand its open-source curriculum to include mini courses while also providing detailed classes and insights on residential and commercial construction lending, field services, and appraisals as well as offer additional certifications.

"Drawinspector.com's mission is to serve and assist those in the lending industry, whether working for a large bank, leading a financial institution, or facilitating an inspection in the field. Consequently, we believe this e-training platform is an opportunity to educate and ultimately better the industry overall," explains Brad Meyer, CEO and President of Trinity Real Estate Solutions. "We are committed to supporting Drawinspector.com as they provide the highest quality education experience to our students, creating and maintaining the standard in excellence for construction lending integrity and knowledge."

One very satisfied participant from the inspection community described the training as excellent and worthwhile, noting "The course is thorough yet concise. It was very educational, informative, and well executed. I highly recommend it."

Using a modular learning approach, Drawinspector.com's flagship programs help participants learn all aspects of a draw inspection, as well as gain first-hand insight into best practice concepts and case study scenarios. For more information on drawinspector.com, please visit www.drawinspector.com.

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Drawinspector.com® is the leader in the e-training, education, and certification solutions, helping to inform, guide and develop students when learning specifically for the construction lending industry. For more information, please visit www.drawinspector.com.

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