Canton Fair 2022: Innovation Bolsters China's Building Material Sustainability

Canton Fair 2022: Innovation Bolsters China's Building Material Sustainability

GUANGZHOU, China, April 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The 131st Canton Fair is a few steps away from its opening. Every time, green and low-carbon development will come into the limelight. It is of great concern to domestic and overseas buyers how China's home building materials industry, the epicenter of carbon emissions, will reduce pollution and carbon footprints.

As indicated in the 2020 Global Status Report for Buildings and Construction by International Energy Agency, carbon emissions from buildings and construction account for 35% to 38% of the total. The 2020 Report on China Building Energy Consumption tells that, in 2018, carbon emissions generated over buildings' life cycle were 4.93 billion tons, 51.3% of the national total emissions. Carbon reduction in the building sector is crucial for carbon peak and carbon neutrality.

PV and wind power are taking up a larger proportion of China's energy mix, which has led to the development of PV glass and glass fiber product industry chains. The building materials industry is transforming into a pillar of the renewable energy industry. More efforts are channeled into energy efficiency, emissions reduction, decarbonization, zero-carbon, and especially innovative technologies such as power generation glass plus energy storage, green hydrogen, carbon capture, utilization and sequestration. The display glass, carbon fiber, and glass fiber exhibited at the Canton Fair in recent years have been of great interest to international buyers. During the 130th Canton Fair, the China Home Furnishing Industry Green Development Summit Forum was held in the Canton Fair Complex specifically.

In addition to the green transformation of exhibits, the Canton Fair Complex is moving towards zero-carbon. According to Alan Liu, Deputy Director General of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Canton Fair, green building materials such as recycled concrete blocks and ALC slatwall have been utilized in the Canton Fair Complex expansion project. The concepts of low-carbon technology and energy-efficient operation highlight the charm of "China's No.1  Fair."

According to the China Building Materials Federation, Market Penetration Index (MPI) for FY 2021 was 109.7 points, a rebound of 8.9 points from the previous year. The industry's high-quality development also provided strong support for a stable domestic economy. It is eagerly awaited what the green building materials industry holds for the 131st session, and how it may surprise us and facilitate a brand-new kind of wonderful lifestyle.

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