Peab company doubles production capacity of concrete elements

Peab company doubles production capacity of concrete elements

The Peab company Byggelement has made its largest investment hitherto in order to automate production of concrete elements and halve the need for cement. By investing SEK 450 million the company will double its production capacity when two plants are extended.

Peab’s subsidiary Byggelement, one of Sweden’s leading suppliers of complete frame systems in concrete and prefab concrete elements, is investing close to half a billion Swedish kronas to increase production in its plants in Ucklum outside of Stenungsund and in Hallstahammar. Joist manufacturing in Hallstahammar will be supplemented by a completely new factory for manufacturing inner and outer walls and the wall factory in Ucklum will also take on joist production. After the extensions these plants will be complete suppliers of highly industrialized products for large geographic areas.

“When we double our production capacity to meet market demands we’re taking a technological leap from manual to automated manufacturing through robotization and smart machines. In addition, we’ll be able to produce concrete elements with at least 50 percent alternative binder as standard, ensuring our leading edge in climate improved prefab production,” says Carl Rülcker, MD of Byggelement.

The extension of Ucklum is expected to be completed in the autumn of 2023 and Hallstahammar should be ready by the end of 2023/beginning of 2024. The investments are part of the program for business area Industry that includes the subsidiary Byggelement.

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