Which Tiles Are Best for Bathrooms?

Which Tiles Are Best for Bathrooms?

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Bathroom tiles come in all shapes, sizes and substances. From patterned wall tiles to mosaic floor tiles, there’s plenty to pick and mix between. But are there any in particular that are head and shoulders above the rest? Read on for our Head of Creative, Grazzie Wilson's, four different bathroom tile paths you can take and the reasons for which you might want to wander down them.
Choose Wallpaper Tiles for a Decorative Finish
Bathrooms are often the least decorated room in your home. All that water means they become a place of practicality. And all those cold surfaces (loo, basin – we’re looking at you) make it a room lacking in warmth and welcome. Enter tiles…
Patterned tiles are perfect for a bathroom because they do what fabric does so well in your other rooms. From floral prints to star motifs, any patterned tile adds colour and interest to your bathroom, making it a far more enjoyable space to be in.
Wallpaper tiles specifically though are those that, as the name suggests, gives the illusion of using actual wallpaper in your bathroom. See designs like the screen printed Alfriston Clergy from our National Trust collection – the Gull finish looks especially pretty and delicate – or the Woodland Glade hexagonal tiles that will give your bathroom the statement wall it’s been longing for. A final pick of ours would be the Glendurgen Wildflower wallpaper tiles. To really play to their heritage character, you could create a panelled effect in an ensuite, choosing a bathroom-friendly paint and then ‘wallpapering’ the inner section of your panels for a look that’s as elegant as you can get.

Pick Large Format Tiles for Minimal Upkeep
Circling back to bathrooms and their moisture, it’s time to face facts – bathrooms are always going to show signs of water wear and tear at some point. So, if the thought of regrouting or scrubbing grout lines with a toothbrush in hand fills you with dread, make it easier on yourself by reducing just how much grout is going on.
Dodge micro tiles and instead pick large format tiles like Maldives, Wetherby and Tisbury. You’ll need far fewer and therefore, much less grout to jigsaw them altogether.
Select Porcelain or Ceramic for the Lowest Maintenance
Sticking to the low maintenance theme, if you’re the sort who wants to make life as easy on yourself as possible when it comes to upkeep, then the best bathroom tiles for you will be porcelain or ceramic.
Tough as old boots, these man-made alternatives to natural stone are as easy as pie to live with and suit bathrooms to a tee. Robust, hardwearing, and most importantly, water-resistant (especially porcelain with its low absorption properties), both porcelain and ceramic tiles come in a huge range of colours and shapes so there’s plenty to choose from. Think jewel shade zellige-style tiles like Maroc or a classic brick like Seaton for the walls, to name a couple.

Opt For Natural Stone for Character & Patina
Love the texture of natural stone? Have you fallen for limestone in your hallway? Are you head over heels with marble for your kitchen countertop? You’re not alone. So, if these statements ring true then it sounds like the best bathroom tile for you would be to follow your heart with a natural stone.
Tiles such as the French limestone in our Beaulieu floor tiles make for a charming country or period property bathroom (and work a treat with underfloor heating too). Honed marble floor tiles like Angora will make your ensuite feel elevated in an instant. And remember that natural stone doesn’t always mean muted. Our new East Java tiles will tell you that in no time – pink plume tiles for your shower section? Or how about three different mint green marble designs all in one space – one for your floor, another for behind your bath, and the third tiling your sink wall. We’re sold.

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