Morphosis designs sleek electric vehicle charging stations for Genesis

Morphosis designs sleek electric vehicle charging stations for Genesis

Architecture studio Morphosis has created electric vehicle charging stations for South Korean car brand Genesis that feature wing-like canopies.

A series of stations has been completed at outdoor locations across Seoul and Gyeonggi-do – both densely populated metropolitan areas in South Korea.

Morphosis charging stations
Morphosis' exterior electric vehicle charging stations have winged canopies

Electric vehicle charging stations (EVCs) supply electrical power to plug-in electric vehicles. Morphosis designed EVCs for Genesis, the luxury vehicle division of Hyundai Motor Group.

The architecture office also placed interior versions of the EVCs in Genesis' flagship showroom. All of the models are designed to be dismountable so that they can be installed in different places.

Morphosis electric vehicle charging stations
The architecture studio designed the stations for Genesis, a Korean automobile manufacturer

Morphosis took cues from Genesis' distinctive logo – a winged emblem with a shield at its centre – for the design of the exterior EVCs.

Created as "protective canopies", the wings are made with a steel superstructure and aluminium panels.

Morphosis lit-up EVC
LED lighting makes the stations identifiable

Each canopy edge is fitted with continuous LED lighting, added to make the EVCs identifiable from far away after dark.

Morphosis also plans to have LEDs with changing colours to indicate a plugged-in vehicle's charging level.

"The winged form of the canopy is instantly recognisable within the urban environment, with a lightness and elegance that evokes the distinctive Genesis wing emblem and Genesis' core design identity of 'athletic elegance,'" said the studio.

Each model can charge up to three vehicles at a time, with some chargers taking only 20 minutes to bring a car to full capacity, according to Morphosis.

Site in South Korea
They are currently posted at various sites in South Korea

Founded in 1972, US firm Morphosis has completed a range of international architecture projects. These include a 15-storey mixed-use development in Los Angles that has a plant-covered glass tower and a striking asymmetrical supertall skyscraper in Shenzhen, China.

Other creative EVC designs include a pair of tree-like timber stations by architecture studio Cobe and a concept for EVCs by Woods Bagot that has the stations double as drive-in movie theatres.

The photography is by Namsun Lee.

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