How much would it cost to recreate these famous fictional bedrooms?

How much would it cost to recreate these famous fictional bedrooms?

Fancy recreating Carrie’s Brownstone boudoir or Monica Geller’s shabby-chic bedroom at home? In this study, Uswitch found the most popular fictional bedrooms and how much it would cost to recreate these.


From Blair Waldorf’s sophisticated sanctuary in Gossip Girl, to Miley’s bold and bright bedroom in Hannah Montana, fictional bedrooms can be the source of a great deal of inspiration. They can be perfect for revamping your teenagers bedrooms, or finally making the changes to your own room that you’ve been looking for. Interested in these famous renovations, the mortgage comparison experts at Uswitch found the most popular fictional bedrooms, and which one would be the most expensive to recreate. 

To do this, Uswitch curated a list of recognisable on-screen rooms, before taking to Pinterest to uncover the top 10 most popular fictional bedrooms based on the total number of pins. We were then able to value items in each room to see which would cost the most to recreate.

Blair’s room in Gossip Girl: £5,060.79

Blair waldorfs rooms


Blair Waldorf is known for her classic, preppy, and refined clothing style, which has also seeped into her bedroom decor. The most expensive item is a mahogany makeup table with a mirror (almost £2,000) which she is seen sitting in front of for many of the show’s iconic scenes. 

If you wanted a similar rug to cover the polished wooden floors, you might have to spend nearly £1,900. Add her luxurious bedding (£15), moody dark blue wall paint (£24) and storage ottoman (£179.99) and you’ll be looking at £5,060.79 to recreate this recognisable room.

Carly's bedroom in iCarly: £3,999.88

Carly shays room


Carly Shay, from the popular Nickelodeon show iCarly, has a bedroom filled with bright colours, quirky decorations and techy gimmicks. However, the most expensive piece in the room is not the chaise lounge (£539.99) nor the pillowy brown rug (£569.99) but the vivid blue-topped coffee table. This piece of furniture is placed at the centre of the room and could cost around £684, if you wanted one for yourself. 

The assorted stools, bookcase and bean bags scattered around her bedroom brings the total cost to recreate this decor to £3,999.88. 

Miley’s bedroom in Hannah Montana: £3,260.47


Miley, a girl with a double life as pop star alter-ego Hannah Montana, has a bedroom that every teenager yearned for. The walls are painted in a vibrant orange (£15) that matches the blanket (£13.49) that is thrown over a double bed (£1,555).

Apart from the bed frame, the most expensive item in this bedroom is the retro jukebox (£639) that is tucked to the side of an impressive window seat. This item, along with others such as a green rug (£54.99) and an ottoman (£249) means the grand total to get this room yourself is £3,260.47. 

Kat's room in 10 Things I Hate About You: £2,731.50


Kat Stratford's angst-filled room in 10 Things I Hate About You features walls plastered with band posters and various art equipment filling the space. However, this doesn’t mean the decorating was cheap. The sturdy wooden chest of drawers could cost £849 while the bed frame comes with a price tag of £754.99. 

Get yourself a patterned throw like Kat’s for £32.56 and a couple of bedside tables (£356 each) and you’ll have recreated this beloved fictional room for £2,731.50.

Monica's room in Friends: £1,761.67


Although not as iconic as the living room, Monica’s bedroom in Friends is still highly sought after. The shabby-chic distressed bed frame comes in at just under £300 and the floral bedding is an affordable £15. 

The bedside table and the paint needed to get it light green would set you back just over £333. Pair this with another bedside table (white with one drawer, coming in at £79.99), an ottoman (£179.99) and the cream armchair (£279.99), as well as other decorations, and the cost to redecorate your bedroom in Monica’s style is £1,761.67. 

Lara Jean’s bedroom in To All the Boys I've Loved Before: £1,573.33

price of lara jeans room


Lara Jean's bedroom is most likely known for the impressive hand-painted mural on the wall, with the paint needed to recreate it sitting at about £42.50. And her furniture is just as iconic. The storage desk with pink drawers where she penned her famous love letters would cost about £59.95 and the array of lamps dotted around the room rack up a total of £476.90. 

If you wanted to have every single detail in your own bedroom, you’re looking at about £1,573.33. However, Lara Jean’s drawers and bookcases have a distinctive homemade vibe, so you can save yourself some money if you’re planning to recreate this look at home by looking into ways to upcycle furniture

Cher's room in Clueless: £1,492.96


When Clueless came out in 1995, most fans lusted after Cher’s lavish bedroom. Especially the wardrobe with rotating racks and a computer program that could pick your outfits for you. While we couldn’t find this exact technology, you can still get a slice of indulgence in your own room by duplicating the swish bedding for £189 and the bed frame for £644.99. 

Try out the effortlessly glamorous beige paint on your bedroom walls for £24 and a couple of desk lamps for £17 each, too. If you want to mimic the whole room though, make sure you set aside almost £1,500. 

Bella's bedroom in Twilight: £1,438.45


There's an unfinished wood look throughout Bella's room giving it a rustic, vintage feel. Get the same vibe with a pine bed for £449, a Victorian cheval mirror for £609.96 and some floral bedding for £147.55. 

For the ambient lighting, go for some solar-powered fairy lights (£12.99) and a bedside table lamp (£20.39). If you want to imitate the whole room, you’re looking at a total spend of £1,438.45. 

Carrie's room in Sex and the City: £970.43


Although Carrie’s lifestyle in Sex and the City is one of luxury and overspending, her bedroom decor is surprisingly affordable. The most expensive item in there is the chest of drawers at £200, followed by the patterned end of bed seat at just over £177. 

The three curved shelves are just £3.91 each and the total cost of the bedding set (including a purple duvet cover and white pillowcases) almost hits £80. For her furniture, artwork and decorations, the total cost of recreating this fictional bedroom is £970.43. 

Lizzie's bedroom in Lizzie McGuire: £864.61


As the cheapest of the top 10, Lizzie McGuire’s bedroom can be easily emulated. Her bookcase is the most expensive piece of furniture at £478, but the rest of the items are under £150. Mix white bedding (£32) with purple pillowcases (£78) and add a pop of colour with a green patterned bed throw (£34.64). 

Make sure you put aside about £100 for the artwork that adorns Lizzie’s walls too, as well as £12 for a tin of off-white paint. 

Tips for your next decorating project

Has one of these bedroom decors caught your eye and given you some inspiration to redecorate your own space? Can’t wait to add a few new furniture pieces to your children’s room, splash some paint on the walls or invest in some artwork like your favourite fictional characters?

Mortgages expert, Florence Codjoe, gives some tips on how to do a successful redecorating project: 

“Our homes, especially bedrooms, are often used as a form of self-expression and that’s why decorating in our own style is so important. However, when tackling a redecorating project, it’s handy to keep a few things in mind: 

  • Have a clear budget - Now you know how much your fictional characters could’ve spent on their own rooms, you can have a think about your own budget. This way, you can spot some ways to save a few pounds as well as areas you may need to splurge. 

  • Try to upcycle and recycle - On the topic of budgets, one way to save some money is to find items you can upcycle or recycle. The most popular (and often easiest) way to do this is with a piece of furniture, either one you already own or have bought second-hand. Sand it down, give it a lick of paint and change any hardware. Soon you’ll be looking at a brand new piece without having to spend hundreds. Lara Jean’s room is a great example of upcycling done right.   

  • Decide whether it’s for you or for sale - When redecorating, be sure of who it is for, yourself or a buyer? Having a nicely decorated bedroom can even add value to your home. If you’re looking to sell, opt for a simple colour scheme and subtle tones (like Blair’s room!) so as not to alienate any potential buyers. However, if you’re redecorating your bedroom solely for your benefit, then you can do it however you like!”


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