Saclay, France
91400 Saclay, France

Contest Winner 2016

In the heart of the plain of Saclay, characterized by its strong agricultural tone and bathed in morning mists that portray a scenic poetry, the building of the Université des Métiers stands as a natural organism enriching the landscape. Integrated to the territory in a discreet and sober, yet radical way, the project addresses the theme of the Water Cycle through the use of the “cloud catcher”.

Recycled polyamide meshes are stretched over metallic modules, retaining water vapour and dew, and serving as the cladding for a certain part of the facade. The collected water will be stored on site to be shared with neighbouring farms. It will be a relational building.

The circular shape of the building has a positive impact on its thermal behaviour; and at the same time it minimises interior circulation, converted into crossing spaces and provides natural sunlight for all spaces with the aid of three interior courtyards.

Finally, intelligent square meters will be placed in order to optimize the use of the built areas throughout the year, that is to say, these hybrid spaces will be enabled to be used in an autonomous and polyvalent way, and thus create positive externalities.

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