A lighthouse project in sustainability

A lighthouse project in sustainability

fischer facade systems secure Campus Albano in Stockholm

Campus Albano in Stockholm is a role model for sustainable city planning. The entirely new university campus with teaching, research and residential buildings combines the needs of people and society in harmony with the environment and nature in an exemplary manner. Rear-ventilated rainscreen facades clad with fibre cement and stone composite panels fit into the sustainable concept. The fischer BWM spaced construction ATK 601 bridges the thick insulation levels while securely anchoring the building envelopes in the load-bearing substrate.

The campus in Albano, the former industrial estate north of Stockholm’s centre, forms a modern and sustainable education environment for students and researchers. This is where an entirely new campus is being built that brings together Stockholm University and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) on an institutional and socio-spatial level. The project is a collaboration between Akademiska Hus, which builds educational and research facilities on behalf of the Swedish government, and the municipally owned housing company Svenska Bostäder.

Four teaching and research buildings are being built on a planned gross floor area of approx. 70,000 m². Restaurants, cafes and businesses are also being built on the campus and are easily reached from lecture theatres, seminar rooms, study spaces and halls of residence. Campus Albano is part of a project that unites the city’s universities in the northern part of Stockholm. 

Thousands of students and researchers will find their new homes in a total of eight buildings, six of which have already been completed. Construction began in 2017 and is due to be completed in 2023. The courtyard facade are being clad with fibre cement panels. 
On the facade exterior 7,500 m² are being clad with glass fibre reinforced stone composite panels and fibre cement panels. The facades give the Campus Albano a modern and pleasant look. The ATK 601 spaced construction was mostly used to firmly anchor the building envelope together with Kingspan Kooltherm K15 insulation panels in the load-bearing substrate made of reinforced concrete. This is a system solution consisting of a fischer BWM substructure and fischer SXRL frame fixings. 

“The spaced construction ATK 601 “bridges” the thick insulation levels, creates a significantly lower thermal bridge than conventional wall bracket solutions and safely transfers the loads into the supporting wall”, says Stefan Schrag, Market Manager at fischer BWM facade systems, explaining the advantages of the system. “This allows the high requirements to low energy consumption for the overall construction to be combined with a secure hold”. The ‘Passivhaus suitable component’ certificate by the Passivhaus Institute documents the high energy efficiency of the ATK 601 load-bearing structure compared to conventional wall constructions available on the market.

The facades of the student and research housing therefore fit into the sustainable concept of Campus Albano. The newly designed area is one of the first projects of the new Citylab programme. Sweden Green Building Council (SGBC) is using this initiative to promote sustainable urban development projects. The Miljöbyggnad Silver and Gold certifications further recognises project factors, including energy, indoor climate and the materials that were used. Maintaining and developing biodiversity is a major focus during the construction of Campus Albano. In order to supply the campus, energy is generated through around 100 on-site drill holes at depths of up to 350 metres, generating heat, cooling and warm water for the buildings. Green spaces, a wastewater cleaning and recycling system that returns water to Brunnsviken lake, green roofs, photovoltaic systems and infrastructure for pedestrians, cyclists and bus drivers provide added sustainability. 

The facades combine thermal insulation in compliance with current energy specifications with functionality and a distinguished look that radiates across the entire campus and its surroundings. 

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