Economical wood protection for outdoors

Economical wood protection for outdoors

3in1 coating opens up savings potential for carpenters

Modern wood protection should be environmentally friendly, of high quality and at the same time aesthetically pleasing - like the new water-based Aqua HK-Lasur 3in1 from Remmers. As a high-performance 3-in-1 wood finish, the glaze also saves working time and material because it is a primer, impregnation and glaze all in one - so the entire coat of paint can be done with just one product.

The water-based Aqua HK glaze 3in1 can be processed easily and economically. It gives the wood long-term protection with even weathering and thus enables post-treatment without sanding. Aqua HK-Lasur 3in1 protects wood that is not in contact with the ground, such as cladding, summer houses, privacy fences and many other outdoor wooden surfaces, from the effects of the weather and UV radiation. In the case of dimensionally stable wooden components such as windows and doors, professional users only use it as a primer.

Its impregnation effect leads to rapid saturation of the wood against moisture. The impregnation effect is supported by a diffusion-open protective film, so that any moisture that is already present can escape. Thanks to the hydrophobic properties of the glaze, wet surfaces dry particularly quickly. The risk of blue stain and rot developing is significantly reduced. The coating also protects the wood against mold and algae.

The Aqua HK-Lasur 3in1 impresses with its matt look in different wood shades. The Aqua HK-Lasur 3in1 Grey-Protect, which is available in four trendy gray tones, offers additional aesthetic design options.

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