AlmaLusa Comporta's Interior Design reflects Comporta style through local partnerships.

LISBON, PORTUGAL (Aug. 17, 2023) – AlmaLusa Comporta, the only property located in the heart of Comporta village, proudly opens its doors to unveil a captivating Interior Design that seamlessly blends global sophistication with the authenticity of local craftsmanship. Carefully selected from well-known international brands and handcrafted by Portuguese artisans, the Interior Design beautifully honors the rich heritage of Comporta.

From the very outset, the concept behind creating the AlmaLusa, Comporta and the brief given to Atelier Brocante, as the chosen Interior Designers, was for a clearly defined, but slightly different adaptation to the well-established ‘Comporta style’ which is so prevalent across the area.

Atelier Broccante, in strict coordination with the AlmaLusa team, masterfully selected brands that blend into the region, underscoring the hotel's commitment to tradition and sustainability.

"The brands used are from suppliers with whom we already have many years of work and trust,” stated the Broccante team composed by the Partner Architects Catarina Bruges and Teresa Salreta. Rooted in an enduring partnership, the hotel's approach to raw materials of the region, exemplifies the industry expertise of the Broccante team. This synergy between knowledge and right tools bestows an aura of sophistication and elegance to the decor.

Local Craftsmanship and Global Excellence

Supporting local artisans and supporting the Portuguese legacy, the hotel passionately embraces native craftsmanship. "Most of the fabrics used to decorate the hotel were produced in a Portuguese factory, which warms our hearts," says Catarina Bruges. This integration of regional artistry infuses the Interior Design with a genuine authenticity, beautifully bridging worldwide refinement with local identity.

Inspired by the Soul of Comporta

AlmaLusa Comporta's Design ethos reverberates with a profound respect for Comporta's soul. "Our vision was based on Comporta, as we feel that the origins of this land should be respected, as this is what gives it its soul and makes it so special," expressed the Broccante team. Drawing inspiration from the striking rice fields, a prominent natural feature of the area, the hotel is adorned with a lush green color palette, echoing through fabrics and thriving plants. This celebration of Comporta's vibrant nature is embodied through the use of organic materials like wood and cane, mirroring the landscape's innate textures and tones.

About AlmaLusa Comporta

AlmaLusa Comporta is a charming, 53-room-and-suite retreat nestled in the heart of Comporta's village, offering an authentic and tranquil escape. With its stylish interiors inspired by the local Comporta style, guests can savor mesmerizing views from the RoofTop Bar, unwind by the outdoor pool, indulge in soothing spa treatments, or engage in invigorating outdoor yoga sessions. Committed to sustainability, the hotel sources local and organic materials, implements energy-saving measures, and actively supports the community. AlmaLusa Comporta is a place where personalized service, nature's beauty, and genuine experiences converge to create a truly memorable stay.

Rates: Rooms from $160/night and Suites from $250/night, inclusive of breakfast.

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