Wood technologies continues seamless growth

wood technology

Wood technologies continues seamless growth

First half of 2021 witnesses record growth in the exports of “made in Italy” as wood technologies continue its meteoric rise even in the first half of the year. As per the records of data issued by ISTAT, it has been considered that there has been a steady business in the wood processing exports, in the first half of the year, for instance machines as well as plants for wood processing have been exported to a value of 752 million euros, marking a percentage increase, over the same period in 2020, of 40%.

There has been a significant rise in business post the period of prolonged depression that the sector experienced for most of 2020.
For acimal, United States evolved as their favourite customers with 77 million euros and an increase of 31% over the same period of 2020, while France (54 million) and Poland (53 million) overtake Germany (52 million), taking the second place respectively. and third place of the top ten markets.

Exports to China also happened in commendable percentage and business with Russia, recovering, with 16 million euros (+ 10%).

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