Upgrade your garden technology with Robert Dyas

garden technology Robert Dyas

Upgrade your garden technology with Robert Dyas

Robert Dyas


Gardening might be on a meteoric rise as the new hobby of choice for Brits, but that doesn't mean our lives are getting less busy. Many people need a helping hand if they're going to successfully juggle work, children and social lives with the demands of successful horticulture.

As with so many aspects of modern living, this is where technology can feel like a godsend. When it comes to giving your own garden a tech upgrade, Robert Dyas has countless ingenious products to make life in the great outdoors that little bit easier.

Power up
The chances are you’d prefer not to cut your grass with a scythe or shears or trim the top of your hedge with a pair of scissors (although never say never!), in which case you’ll be needing some power tools to get the job done a bit more efficiently. Robert Dyas has a fantastic selection of lawn mowers and strimmers including this handy cordless lawnmower and grass trimmer kit complete with battery charger - essential tools for keeping your garden in tip-top shape. Of course, to go super futuristic you’ll want to reach for a robot mower which will do all the hard work for you!
Don’t forget your hedges. Give them a good haircut with a cordless hedge trimmer which won’t keep you tied to a power point.

Keeping things tidy isn’t just about pruning and trimming: now and again your walls and driveway will also need a good wash. If you don’t want to get down there with a scrubbing brush, a pressure washer is what you need. This Karcher K2 Power Control Home Pressure Washer is compact and lightweight and makes light work of tough jobs, from cleaning dirty outdoor furniture to shifting garden moss. This handy tool will help you polish off your garden maintenance in double quick time.

If dead leaves are the bane of your life and you haven't got time to rake them all up, say hello to a new 3-in-1  garden blower and vacuum which will make your garden tidying easier than ever.

Get ready to grow
Getting back out onto the grass, a garden tiller is a brilliant time- (and back-) saving tool which will help even the most experienced horticulturalist get big jobs done in no time, without spending all their energy. A specially crafted cultivator will work wonders when it comes to preparing your patch for growing, aerating soil and weeding beds at the same time. This tool will enable you to easily till between rows of crops, within borders, along fences or on raised beds.
Once your beds are all planted up and as soon as the weather heats up, watering is a task that will be high in your mind with thirsty fruit and veg to care for. If you have a natural water source nearby but don't feel like carting buckets up from the stream, a submersible water pump will come to your rescue. This is ideal for pumping out clean water for general irrigation.

Also helping you deliver the right amount of water exactly where it is needed - even on the driest of days or when you're away for the weekend - is a garden sprinkler like this one by Hozelock. It takes the hard work out of watering and is fully adjustable to suit a variety of garden areas, whether your lawn’s large or small.

Specially for the camera shy!
If you’re investing money into your home and garden you might be more vulnerable to theft, so it would be wise to invest in a security camera to safeguard your assets. This easy-to-install smart home security camera will automatically detect movement which activates the floodlight, offering excellent protection for your home and garden.

Happy with your security arrangements? You might have other reasons for wanting to keep an eye on what goes on in the garden while you’re asleep or out of the house. Nature lovers and bird watchers will love this garden camera, which is perfect for keeping an eye on all your feathered and furry friends who might be paying you a visit. It operates both during the day and night, switching on an infrared illumination when dusk sets in, giving you 24-hour viewing.

You can get even closer to nature with this Nest Box IP Camera Kit, which can be installed into an existing bird box or wildlife habitat for observing nesting birds without disrupting them in any way. The camera allows you to stream live video and audio directly to your device.

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