Unveiling Mysa Outdoor

Mysa Outdoor

Unveiling Mysa Outdoor


Created to revolutionize the outdoor design world, MYSA’s handmade pieces are crafted with the most avant-garde materials, ensuring quality, sophistication and innovation in design. MYSA offers you a unique luxury experience through its products, carefully created by expert artisans and passionate artists which strive to conceive furniture that exudes elegance, intricacy and emotion and that will allow you to savor the luxury outdoor lifestyle to its fullest.


The Vertigo Collection is the ultimate expression of the luxury lifestyle. Its versatility and ability to complement any setting, including indoors, makes this collection a suitable addition to any outdoor location and ambiance.


An imponent and lavish collection, Suspicion combines luxury and practicality to create stylish and durable pieces that not only make a statement but are finely built to last. Created with white Carrera Marble lined with stainless steel, the Suspicion Collection is the perfect accent to a luxurious outdoor area.


Inspired by one of the most elegant vacation destinations worldwide, the Hampton collection is all about elitism and sophistication. With an intense character, chic style and high-quality materials, such as stainless steel, this collection provides the best comfort to escape the busy city life and delve into the pleasure of lounging.
Allow yourself to relish the outdoors with MYSA’s unique creations.

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