mode:lina's restaurant in poznań is built of raw construction materials

mode:lina's restaurant poznań raw construction materials

polish architecture and design practice mode:lina uses raw materials to build rusztowanie, a restaurant, where food is served in shovels. to maintain the brand’s identity, the eatery features timber furniture, lights made of pipes, and construction props as space dividers.

giving the tone to the whole restaurant, the polish name stands for scaffolds, hence the use of building materials in every detail of the interior. the architects have finished the walls following the same concept — some of them are painted in black and finished with concrete lattice paving blocks, while others are left undone exposing the original bricks of the over century-old building.

the bright red lighting pipes hang down from the rough concrete ceiling — as always, this multipurpose material is right in its place. exposed wiring adds more brutality and industrial chic to this grey sharpness. 

the entrance is defined by black and yellow floor coating and metal mesh wall finish — these refer to the barricade tape and fences which are used to show the boundaries of the construction site. to remind the visitors what they are here for, a neon sign shaped like a bull’s head is set above the entrance door and glows with a red flame.







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