GDS and Repair Inc Focuses on Next-Gen Wall Mount Garage Door Openers

GDS and Repair Inc Focuses on Next-Gen Wall Mount Garage Door Openers

GDS and Repair Inc Focuses on Next-Gen Wall Mount Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Service and Repair Inc announced its recent focus on wall mount garage door openers, praising the good things that come along with the new generation products and celebrating the best space optimization.

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The Houston TX-located company, Garage Door Service and Repair Inc, recently made a U-turn to wall mount garage door openers, without turning its back to the traditional carriage style units.

“All modern garage door openers are superb – useful, if we are looking for the right word,” said Thomas Wang the CEO of GDS and Repair Inc. “Since our company counts many years in this sector, we've seen and worked on all openers overtime. We've witnessed them developed and becoming the great assets they are today. And they truly are with the newest motors and all good things that come along with new technology. But we also noticed an increased demand for wall mount garage door openers these past couple of years. As homeowners and garage door repair Houston specialists, we understand what's the hype is all about.”

Although the first wall mount garage door opener was launched in 2019, these space-saving units are still considered the new guys in town. After an almost 2-year period in the market and newer wall mount openers finding their place in the shelves, consumers started trusting the new technology. It's all about clearing the space of the garage ceiling and using it for other – usually, storage, purposes.

“It is the advantage of wall mounted garage door openers that drew the consumers – us too, closer to these units. The bulky rail of the traditional carriage opener is missing, creating lots of ceiling space for various purposes. Garages look better too. And the technology of the wall mount openers is nothing short of their rail counterparts. As a matter of fact, due to the overall evolution of electric garage door openers, the wall units are truly great – convenient, quiet, smart.”

Due to the absence of the rail and the necessary components that go along with it, the wall mount openers are quiet. That's a true advantage on top of all the other perks, with the empty ceiling space taking the lead. This became the major reason why a large number of consumers, who were already planning garage door opener replacement, tried out a wall unit. They finally enjoyed an open space or found extra space for storage.

“As a company that stands close to the customer, we have really asked some of them about their reasons for choosing wall mount openers. Most of them opted for wall mounted openers to gain space. The garage ceiling suddenly became the go-to place for keeping bikes, tools, garden furniture – all sorts of things. And there's one more – very important, thing. Now that most families have more than one car but not necessarily a double garage space, they found their way to park both cars inside with a car lift. With the carriage opener's rail gone, there's space for a car lift – at least most of the times. And here's one aspect why choosing openers randomly is never a good thing.”

While wall mount garage door openers have the features and technology to meet the most demanding needs and address the two-car parking issues and the familiar storage concerns, they are not suitable for all garages.

“Wall mount openers free ceiling space but must find some wall space,” Wang explained. “There are quite some considerations to check and get out of the way before someone decides to get a wall mount opener, like if there's a wall and sufficient space. Or, if there's an electric outlet close by. Things like that will influence the consumer's decision on whether or not to get a wall mount opener. That's why we stand by the client. After all, not all garages have the same height. Some are ideal for wall mount openers due to the tall ceiling and thus, the multiple opportunities for storage. Some are much lower and so the storage possibilities decrease. See my point?”

What's important is that wall mount garage door openers provide an alternative and possibly untie people's hands when it comes to storage. “Yes, they do,” said Wang. “And since they are a great fit for most garages, the demand increases and so does the supply. And we go hand in hand with all that fantastic evolution – revolution, if you like, and are ready to help our customers see if a wall mount opener will be a good choice for them. After all, we remain updated with all new openers.”
It seems that wall mount garage door openers have already made an impression and are here to stay – one good reason why we all must stay tuned.

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