Stockholm, Sweden, 2022 Most people, in fact 99% of the world breathes air containing levels of pollutants that exceed WHO guideline limits, for what is considered to be healthy. On the other hand we also spend 90% of our time indoors and it is primarily indoors that we can protect ourselves from air pollution. So how do we clean indoor air? To answer that, Camfil City was created to show solutions for addressing air quality concerns.

Camfil City is a virtual world providing information and product solutions for air quality challenges. Camfil developed this 3D virtual world as a digital tool for its customers and potential new customers. Martin Hellsten, Camfil City project lead explains about the application, “Camfil City is an online 3D application inviting people to move around in a virtual urban setting and learn the basics about how Camfil’s air filter solutions can make air clean, safe and healthy”. Link here to Camfil City.

A 3D virtual world

On a hill, surrounded by a green landscape and the blue sea, lies Camfil City. The city is made up of several buildings.  Customers can explore for example buildings in industries such as beverage production; data center; hospital and clinics; museums; offices; schools and universities; warehouse distribution; restaurants; metalworking and life sciences. More industries and various types of buildings are to be added in the near future. “We know that users would like to have Camfil City load quickly and run smoothly, regardless of where you are in the world, so we designed the application to meet these demands” Martin Hellsten explains.

The UX experience for the user

Particular attention has been given to the user experience to ensure a fun, informative and useful application. Once you go into Camfil City, one can have a look inside a specific industry environment; then one can click, drag and spin the city around to reach a range of industry buildings. With another pinch zoom on a mobile device or scroll on a desktop, one can click a hotspot and access the inside of the building and explore air concerns and possible solutions.

“I aimed to create all the 3D artwork for Camfil City at a high-quality, visually appealing level, yet be able to ensure fast load times and a great user experience for Camfil’s current and potential customers. The site is both, fun and educational,” quoted Lori Heck, 3D artist and design manager at Camfil USA.

Information hotspots in the city and buildings

The hotspots show where the visitor can interact with the city to get more information. In the city overview the hotspots are placed on buildings that represent industries. By clicking a building hotspot, the visitor travels into that building. In a building the visitor will now get another set of hotspots, situated in the different rooms, representing the application in the industry. Clicking an application/room zoom in to that room and the visitor can now by clicking the hotspots read about the different concerns that they might have in the application and what solutions Camfil offers to solve them.

To explore Camfil City

The 3D virtual world is available online via this link to Camfil City. Camfil City is available to experience with one of Camfil’s representatives at meetings, conferences and exhibitions. Camfil City will also be available soon on the multiple languages’ websites of Camfil’s various subsidiaries. 

“Not all people who purchase our products are experts in air filtration and they shouldn’t have to be either. The purpose of Camfil City is to give everyone a chance to learn the basics of what our clean air solutions can do for them. We believe that this is not just for future Camfil customers. We also see this application as a valuable tool for our existing customers to discover what Camfil has to offer in a new and highly accessible way.” says Martin Hellsten

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