Builders talk the future of construction at Digicon

builders digicon

Builders talk the future of construction at Digicon

Builders talk the future of construction at Digicon

THE Construction Industry Federation will host CIF Digicon 2019 on June 13 in Croke Park.

The event will examine how key stakeholders in the sector can better collaborate to create a more profitable, sustainable and efficient industry via digital technology.

The Dublin summit will delve into the latest technologies and digitization of processes within the construction industry. It will provide deeper insights into key issues such as project management and job-site monitoring, VDC technology, big data in construction, and the road towards BIM 3 in virtual construction.

Increased use of artificial intelligence (AI) can bring major social and economic benefits to Ireland's construction sector. With AI, computers can analyse and learn from information with greater accuracy and speed than humans and generate substantial gains in efficiency and performance for most industry sectors, from drug discovery to logistics. But what does AI really mean for the built environment?

Speakers will explore how AI is being used in the processes of design, construction and facility management by showcasing examples of use in 'smart city' real estate developments in China, the Middle East and the US.

Among the speakers will be Paul Doherty, president and CEO of The Digit Group, USA. His speech will be "AI and the Built Environment: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly".

Paul Brennan, head of digital construction for BAM Ireland, will outline an international case study on how Dubai's museum of the future is shaping up as the world's most complex building.

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