Almost like freestanding: Wall-mounted bathtubs

construction freestanding Wall-mounted bathtubs

Almost like freestanding: Wall-mounted bathtubs

Repabad Ltd.

A free-standing bathtub: the dream of many builders!
But unfortunately, the space conditions in the bathroom are often not designed to place a tub freestanding in the
bathroom. The solution are wall-mounted bathtubs, which stand on at least one side on the wall and in which the other two to three sides are visible, i.e. are visually free in the room. Advantage, the bathtub takes up less space than a freestanding model. A wall fitting can also be used, which are more attractive in price than stand fittings.
The pre-wall bathtub is clad with an apron, which allows special design and design. The tub and apron are invisibly connected. Thanks to the wall connection, wall-mounted tub models can be equipped with entertainment functions up to massage systems.
Depending on individual wishes, there are mono or duo tubs, rectangular or oval tub shapes as well as space-saving solutions in trapezoidal

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