Updated Volvo excavators offer 10% more fuel efficiency

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Updated Volvo excavators offer 10% more fuel efficiency

The new EC250E and EC300E excavators from Volvo Construction Equipment are heavy-duty machines weighing in at 26-31.5t and 30.2-36.8t respectively. Both models are packed with the latest technology, new and proven features, and can even come with purpose-built attachments to help customers move more for less.

The updated machines deliver up to 10% improvements in fuel efficiency, thanks to a combination of features that includes more intelligent electro-hydraulics, the classic ECO mode and selectable work modes, and finally the new D8M Volvo engine. This upgraded engine reduces rpm from 1,800 down to 1,600, while delivering a 5% increase in power. The EC300E also has a 700 kg heavier counterweight, providing greater stability and a 5% increase in across lifting capacity. Furthermore, both machines have benefited from enhanced performance thanks to new priority functions, which increase controllability by allowing operators to prioritize one function over another, such as boom/swing and boom/travel. Boom-down speed control is also adjustable, making it ideal for precision tasks, while jack-up speed has been increased.

Operators will benefit from improved response times thanks to an electric control joystick and full electric travel pedals and are helped in their task by the optional Dig Assist apps, powered by the 10 inch Volvo Co-Pilot in-cab tablet. These include 2D, In-Field Design, 3D software packages and On-Board Weighing. Volvo Active Control also boosts digging accuracy, allowing jobs to be completed up to 45% faster thanks to automated boom and bucket movements. In addition, operators can easily set a swing fence, height limit, and depth limit to avoid contact with side and overhead obstacles such as power lines, and underground hazards such as pipes and cables.

Comfort and safety

When it comes to designing Volvo machines, safety has always been the priority. Renowned features, such as easy access points, bolted anti-slip plates and high visibility handrails, as well as the spacious, ergonomic and low-noise Volvo Care Cab ensure the highest level of operator comfort and safety. To access the upper structure, operators can be safe and confident thanks to the new three-point right-hand side access. Furthermore, rear and side cameras, along with the 360 degree Volvo Smart View option, result in safer machine rotation, especially when working in confined spaces.

Operator comfort is always a priority. Volvo has addressed this with new boom and arm bounce reduction technology, which reduces machine shock, and Comfort Drive Control helps reduce fatigue by enabling operators to steer the machine using the joystick rollers instead of the pedals. Now getting ready for the working day could not be easier, with customizable settings that include easily choosing preferred control patterns via the monitor and a new ‘long push’ functionality on the joystick allows operators to set an additional shortcut function.

Becoming attached

Quality Volvo attachments help owners to get the most out of their machine. Every job is different but with purpose-built attachments – including buckets, breakers and more – operators always have the perfect solution at hand. With the new Steelwrist Auto Connect Quick Coupler, operators can easily connect hydraulic attachments from the comfort of the cab. And thanks to compatibility with Steelwrist, Engcon, Rototilt, SMP and OilQuick tiltrotators, operators can boost productivity and dig at any angle. The factory-fitted tiltrotator preparation system gives operators the power to control both the excavator and tiltrotator using the original joysticks, with the information presented on the main display. The long-term performance of all these attachments has been secured, thanks to a 10% improvement to the hydraulic attachment cooling capacity.

Hassle-free maintenance

The new D8M Volvo engine builds on generations of proven Volvo engine technology to deliver superior reliability. Service requirements have been reduced with auto engine regeneration and the updated hydraulics make life easier. The new hydraulic system has fewer hoses, which reduces the need for couplings and increases reliability. Time and maintenance costs are further reduced, due to the engine oil and filter change intervals being doubled to 1,000 hours. And when the urea needs topping up, the new splash guard makes filling quicker and easier, while also reducing the risk of spillage and subsequent corrosion.

Even the toughest jobsites are no match for the Volvo EC300E and EC250E. Both feature robust undercarriages with reinforced idler frames, track links and bottom rollers. Strength and durability are further assisted by a reinforced bucket linkage, an optional heavy-duty superstructure undercover and easily replaceable bolt-on wear plates.

Boosting profits with the full package

The portfolio of Volvo CE services is key to ensuring machines’ long-term performance and profitability. Operator training initiatives will help unlock the full capability of the Volvo machines, while easy-to-read reports powered by the CareTrack telematics system help owners track productivity, fuel efficiency, and machine condition. For even less hassle, the Volvo Uptime Center can monitor the machine and notify customers if preventative maintenance action is required. This service is called Volvo Active Care. And by using only Genuine Volvo Parts, machine investment be protected, machine life extended, and long-lasting performance guaranteed.

With better fuel efficiency, faster cycle times, and a full set of features enhancing operator control and performance, the new and improved Volvo EC300E and EC250E help lower operating costs.

EC250E EC300E
Operating weight kg
26 010 – 31 650
57,342 – 69,776
30 210 – 36 850
66,602 – 81,240
Gross power kW
. . . at engine speed r/min 1 600 1 600
Bucket capacity m3
0.56 – 1.76
0.73 – 2.3
0.52 – 2.06
0.68 – 2.69
Lifting capacity, along undercarriage kg
10 050
11 460
. . . at reach / height m
6 / 1.5
20 / 5
6 / 1.5
20 / 5
Max. digging reach mm
ft in
10 340
10 710
Max. digging depth mm
ft in
7 060
7 340
Breakout force, SAE J1179 (Normal) kN
Breakout force, SAE J1179 (Boost) kN
Tear out force, SAE J1179 (Normal) kN
Tear out force, SAE J1179 (Boost) kN
Overall width mm
ft in
3 190
3 190
Tail swing radius mm
ft in
3 075
3 120
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