SCHAKO presents the new overflow element SOE at the FeuerTrutz 2023

SCHAKO presents the new overflow element SOE at the FeuerTrutz 2023

SCHAKO has been supporting the implementation of effective fire protection systems with innovative solutions for almost 100 years. At the FeuerTrutz 2023, the inventor of the twist outlet will be presenting a new overflow element for pressure ventilation systems for the first time.

Fire protection systems in buildings help to save lives every day. Dealing with smoke plays a central role in fire protection. 95 percent of all fire deaths die from the serious consequences of smoke gas inhalation. In addition, smoke impedes and endangers the rescue services and thus rapid firefighting. Keeping fire brigade access and escape routes smoke-free is therefore one of the main tasks when planning an effective fire protection system. Pressure ventilation systems ensure that in the event of a fire, for example, stairwells and fire brigade lifts and their anterooms remain safely usable. As one of the essential components of a DBA, the overflow opening serves to reliably direct the flow. With the overflow element SOE, SCHAKO is presenting a new modular component with a wide range of options for planning an individual pressure ventilation system at the FeuerTrutz 2023 in Nuremberg in June.

As a developer and manufacturer of innovative components and systems for ventilation and air-conditioning technology in commercial and public buildings, SCHAKO will take the opportunity this year from June 21 to 22 to present interested visitors to the Europe-renowned trade fair for structural, plant engineering and organizational Brandschutz to present its new products live.

With the newly developed SEO overflow element, trade visitors can expect a component for the necessary pressure equalization between adjacent areas in stairwells and corridors, which is equally impressive in terms of reliability and cost-effectiveness. The SOE can be installed in an overflow opening either with or without a thermally triggered fire damper. The cost-effective variant without a fire damper is suitable for use of the SOE in all scenarios in which there are no special requirements for fire resistance. Also modular and therefore optional, the SOE overflow element can be used with or without a non-return valve. If it is not necessary to prevent a possible backflow, the non-return valve can also be dispensed with in favor of costs. In all possible combinations, the SOE is at least equipped with protective grilles on both sides.

"The modular design of our new overflow element SOE is a clear advantage over competitor products," emphasizes Dr. Andreas Kloidt, product manager for smoke extraction and bus systems at SCHAKO KG. "In addition to the economic efficiency achieved in this way, we are once again emphasizing our philosophy of offering our customers individual and intelligent solutions."

SCHAKO is presenting the SOE overflow element at the FeuerTrutz 2023 in the Nuremberg Exhibition Center in Hall 4A at Stand 419 with a nominal size of 200 mm. Furthermore, SOE is available in a nominal size of 160 mm and is suitable for installation in wet and dry construction walls.

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