Outstanding Hardware Trends for 2020

Hardware Trends

Outstanding Hardware Trends for 2020


Often times overlooked, home hardware is a critical aspect of interior design and a way to subtly decorate and grant personality to a certain space. 

In 2020, hardware trends will focus no only on design but also on finishes, size and the materials used. These trends can be used as guidance for design lovers to upgrade their projects with only a few small changes in decor.


Golden Finishes


Gold-toned hardware finishes are very popular due to their versatility, as they complement both light and dark cabinetry. Moreover, they add a timeless and formal touch to the space they are installed in, especially when designed with a minimalistic look.

Oversized Door Pulls

To match the growing expansion of doors and entrances’ lengths, door hardware fittings are becoming increasingly popular, with Flush Pulls being available in much longer dimensions. This trend also enables craftsmen to create more aesthetic hardware pieces that can take center stage and create a statement.


Unexpected Design


Distinctive hardware pieces draw unintentional attention to rooms and can be a window to the owner’s personality and creative mind. Moreover, certain designs can enhance the existing décor in the room and tie the design together seamlessly.



Mixing Hardware

Decorative hardware comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, each of them with a rightful place and function. Door knobs are usually employed in drawers, while cabinet handles, as the name suggests, work better in cabinets. However, these aren’t strict rules, and the trends for 2020 suggest mixing hardware according to personal preference so it matches the overall design of the room.

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