Introducing Zomes - New Sustainable Small Building Solution

Small Building Solution Zomes

Introducing Zomes - New Sustainable Small Building Solution

PETALUMA, Calif., Oct. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Zomes are handcrafted, earth friendly and naturally efficient. This 265 square foot dome structure was inspired by science and geometry found in nature. Each Zome is 19-foot diameter, 14-foot-high ceiling, has one to three windows, a door, a skylight, and around 200 panels. Learn more about a Zome and how you can reserve yours today at

Each unit is built to last up to 500 years!

  • Air-tight
  • Highly insulated
  • Offers minimal exposed surface area
  • Passive solar heating
  • Sound-absorbing
  • A platform providing thermal mass.
  • Fire-proof
  • Waterproof
  • Snowproof
  •  Mold-proof
  • Pest-proof
  • Rot proof

Zomes are made of:

  1. Bioceramic
  2. Glass microbubbles
  3. Sheep's wool
  4. Zen bamboo.

Revolutionary Bioceramic:
The bioceramic featured in our Zomes is a neutral composite based on perlite and magnesia. When combined, these two substances create a polymer-like material with properties similar to cement, allowing it to start as a paste, meaning that it can be poured and molded as needed, only needing time to cure. These efficiencies permit for it to not only use less embodied energy during manufacturing but allow for it to be easier to work with, passing additional cost savings onto our customers.

Simply Wool:
Sheep wool is a natural marvel in terms of properties associated with it. Simply put, wool insulation often exceeds the R-value of other insulators but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Wool is also known for its ability to filter air and increase air quality when used as insulation. Wool absorbs humidity and sound as well allowing you to hear and feel the difference once you walk through the door. It is an all-natural material that is devoid of harmful chemicals. On top of all this, it is renewable and sustainable being processed in the USA.

Zen Bamboo:
The high-quality bamboo that will become the inner paneling for your Zome is manufactured from five to seven-year-old organically grown Moso bamboo. Unlike wood, bamboo is actually a type of grass, making sustainable growth far easier. Produced with E0 standard adhesives, this paneling exceeds industry VOC standards which means zero toxic fumes. Far stronger than most kinds of wood paneling, this is a material made with longevity and renewability in mind. Maintenance is as simple as wiping it down to make it look good as new.

Nuclear Grade Materials:
Unlike Portland cement, referred to as concrete, which is one of the primary contributors to carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, totaling eight percent of worldwide manufactured emissions. The cement used in our bioceramic is magnesium phosphate, also used in radioactive waste storage due to its durability and longevity. Utilizing this, we can limit any cement production to what is necessary.

How Zomes came to be...two brothers from Egypt living in California thought of an idea while experiencing the uptick of fires in their area. They wanted to build something that didn't burn. They fell in love with bioceramic cement, and Zomes was born.


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