Innovative New Slate Effect Shower Trays from Matki

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Innovative New Slate Effect Shower Trays from Matki


Shower Trays may not seem like the most stylish element of your bathroom, but they are extremely important in keeping your bathroom watertight as well as giving the right overall look and feel to your bathroom.  The NEW range of Slate Effect Shower Trays and Shower Floors from Matki offers an interesting and tactile alternative to the shiny white shower trays of old.
Shower trays have dramatically changed over the last decade and 2020 is set to be a year of yet further innovation in finishes and styles.  The Matki Slate Shower Floor offers a luxury look and a non-slip surface and blends seamlessly into a tiled bathroom.
Slate Shower Trays don’t bend or warp like the trays of old and the textured finish gives them a wonderful underfoot feel, while also making them scratch resistant. They have a DIN51097 A Anti Slip Rating but at the same time are comfortable to stand on and easy to clean.  Also with authentic textured finish and colour matching, it is possible to seamlessly coordinate the shower tray with the floor and surrounding floor tiles.

Matki have manufactured shower trays in Cornwall since 1979.  Beginning life within a small boat building factory in Penryn, they now operate a 60000 sq ft purpose built factory in Redruth.  All Matki Shower trays are hand built and hand finished with precise attention given to the surface finish; robust coatings are then applied using state of the art machinery ensuring perfect durability.  Matki Slate Shower trays and floors are manufactured from cast stone resin, with a hardwearing gel coating and are modelled on a large piece of natural slate with a textured finish and low profile look.

Available to order in any colour, via Tile Matching, RAL or Pantone, the Slate Shower Floor goes up to size 2000mm x 1000mm and is supplied in over 60 standard sizes and then any bespoke size from 700 x 760mm to 2000 x 1000mm. The Slate Shower Tray is available in standard sizes only.
Prices start at £436.80 for a Slate Shower Floor measuring 760mm x 760mm and £416.40 for a Slate Shower Tray measuring 905mm x 905mm.  To find out more visit or call 01454 322888.

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