Improved U values for the standard aluminium system

Improved U values for the standard aluminium system

Passive house certification with Schüco AWS optimized (PresseBox) (Bielefeld, Germany, )
Saving energy is more important than ever right now. This is particularly true in the building industry, where advantage needs to be taken of potential energy savings. That is why Schüco is continually further developing it products. Under the name AWS optimized, the company is presenting its standard aluminium system to architects and metal fabricators but with even better U values – right up to passive house certification. 

Improved thermal insulation by up to 20 percent – that's what sets the Schüco AWS optimized aluminium window systems with a 75 and 90 mm basic depth apart from the previous standard systems. A sophisticated system of tailored energy efficiency measures – such as a unique four-headed insulating bar optimized with foam in the vent, an improved insulating bar in the outer frame, a thermally perfected centre gasket and a special glazing rebate gasket – enables outstanding U values to be achieved with narrow face widths. The AWS 75.SI+ optimized profile construction achieves a Uf value as low as 0.94 W/(m2K), which means it is possible to manufacture long-lasting energy saving windows without requiring any additional resources. The constructions are certified by the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt from an external face width of 178 mm for the AWS 75.SI+ and 117 mm for the AWS 90.SI+.

For architects who want elegant window fronts to passive house level without the window vents being visible from the outside, Schüco also offers its AWS 75 BS.SI+ (75 mm basic depth) and AWS 90 BS.SI+ (90 mm basic depth) block window constructions in the Optimized version as well. With their narrow external profile face widths, both of these designs create bright living and working spaces that are flooded with light for stylish architecture that will stand the test of time.

Product Manager Stefan Hodapp summarises the motivation behind this development: “Windows are important components when it comes to achieving a good climate balance in buildings. With the Schüco Optimized technology, we have responded to market requirements and set a new thermal insulation standard for our aluminium systems.”

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